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Video- Top Goal From The Past NHL Season

6 1/2 minutes to watch, includes a few honorable mentions too.


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The Most Iconic Goal in Red Wings History

This one is self explanatory, but should be hotly contested. What one goal scored in Red Wings history is the most iconic to you? Good and bad are welcome. I will never forget that disgusting move Datsyuk pulled on Turco, launching him into the "highlight reel bank." I cant speak to anything pre-90s, but here are some suggestions: Yzerman from the blue line. Lidstrom from center ice. McCarty dangling Philly. Larionov 3 OT. Statue of Liberty. Your votes in the comment section..

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It’s never too early to look at lines.

We can pretty well guarantee that Ken Holland won't make a trade unless it's at the deadline. At least he gives us that. But with Zetterberg done FOR-EV-ER, and based on a few things written here and there by the (probably) team - controlled media, but mostly the lines we've seen so far, we can make out how the roster shapes up.

Who cares about the average at best goalies and let's face it, Hicketts is going to be the 7th d-man and we'll run the same crap defense we did all last year.

Let's look at the forwards, which actually hold some promise this year! Bertuzzi – Larkin –Mantha Nyquist – Nielsen – Helm Abdelkader –AA –Vanek XXX - Glendenning - XXX Frk and Witkowski extras Frk is injured and Witkowski has the goon repellant/rover ability. But Kenny hasn't been afraid to say goodbye to Frk before.

I believe Khan wrote that Abby was meant to be on the third line with Vanek and AA. What a defensive hell hole, when last year it was the "shut down" line. Helm just scored 2 goals in the scrimmage. He's cemented there until he slips and falls on a freshly mopped floor, breaking his tailbone.

So this leaves 2 open spots for Svechnikov, Rasmussen, and Zadina. Who gets those spots? Cage match anyone? Your crazy (or not so crazy) predictions below.

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Save your job, General Managers.

What can Ken Holland do to save his job as a general manager of the Detroit Red Wings? How about Peter Chiarelli in Edmonton, or Marc Bergevin in Montreal?

Fletcher in Minnesota, Dorion in Ottawa? Realistically, what can these gentlemen do to save their jobs?

Is there anything they can do? If you'd rather, dream up something completely out of this world. Trade deadline: February 26th.

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Given Up Hope Yet?

A couple of years ago, I would tell you that I am not a "true" Red Wings fan. It's pretty simple, I hadn't suffered. I wasn't around for the "Dead Wings." From 2002 - 2015, I had seen 2 Stanley Cups and obviously the consecutive playoff streak. Towards the end, the pundits came out with "This is the year that they miss the playoffs!!!!!11!!1!!" and sure enough, they'd squeak in.

Finally, that quest ended in 2016 and thus began the slow plunge into agony.

I can't imagine what it's like to be a Detroit Lions fan. Sure, they've been decent the past few years, but overall we know the story. No superbowls, no playoff wins in so many decades, etc. Listening to 97.1 on the way home a couple days ago, a couple of people called in saying that they will boycott the Lions, that they haven't watched in so long, and of course the people that have abandoned the Lions for the Steelers or Packers or *PUKE*... New England Patriots.

What does it take to quit on your team?
To boycott them?
To completely switch allegiances?

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I literally laughed out loud

Indeed.  I saw Luke Glendening get his 7th goal of the season.  Sure it was with an empty net but it happened.  I loved it. 

There isn't much to cheer about this year.  I have been to the LCA 3 times so far and I get why the seats are empty.  Who is there to cheer for?  Luke?  This isn't the new Star Wars. 

I usually do a 3 vs 3 where I find three good things and three bad things about a game.  I am going to restart that soon,


What a great game..... Thanks Luke!!

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What is Your Best “Hockey” Gift?

'Tis the season of giving (and to be jolly, but don't tell that to a Red Wings fan), which is oddly *after* the season of giving thanks. Figure that one out.

I recently got my first hockey jersey dry cleaned for engagement pictures, and boy did it need saving. Once again, I have more connection to the 2000s Wings, thus my first jersey was a white Datsyuk. In my very biased opinion, the white beats red any day. In any case, that being my first jersey, and though I own other pieces of memorabilia that do actually have more value, this is my favorite hockey gift of all time.

What was your first/best hockey gift? Tickets, a meet and greet with a player, signed puck? Is it something you gave to someone, or maybe an item passed down through your family?

As always, looking forward to the responses and I encourage everyone to use the member's blog.

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Gosh, I miss Pavel Datsyuk

I fell in love with hockey thanks to Brett Hull and Dominik Hasek. The '01-'02 season (yeah, I am relatively new), with (everything about) the '02 Western Conference Finals and Larionov's Triple OT Winner honestly being the crown jewels of my fandom (although I did cry just a bit for the '08 Cup).

Essentially starting the downfall of Marty Turco's career is the moment I fell in love with Pavel Datsyuk.

And he has ruined (Red Wings) hockey for me.

Datsyuk is (or was) a player that will simply mesmerize an audience with dazzling Datsyukian dekes and dangles that leave jock straps hanging from the rafters. At any given moment, you knew he could pull off something magical. Even if it wasn't a goal; he can beat the crap out of Corey Perry and put the biggest, toughest, meanest guys flat on their behinds.

Pavel Datsyuk was/is special. I mean alien or super-human. At least he gave me that feeling. Save Connor McDavid, the NHL doesn't have that anymore, let alone the torture that is Red Wings hockey right now.

You, the reader, can make this comments section anything you want it to be.
Who is that special player in today's game? Or who was that player to you? Super Mario, The Great One, Stevie Y?

If nothing else, enjoy the wealth of hockey highlights!

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European Teams Return to the Ice

To carry you over until the NHL returns, Europe offers two options available today. 

The contracted KHL kicked off it's 10th season earlier this week, with last year's finalists opening the schedule.


And the Champions Hockey League starts today.  The term champions is a misnomer, it is the new description for what was formerly knonw as the Eurpoean Trophy.

32 teams, some with long histories, from 12 different countries.

Both the KHL and CHL have multiple streaming options.

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Goodbye, Joe

I'll never forget The Joe for a lot of reasons, but none more so than it created a hockey fan out of my daughter, which served to strengthen our bond even more.
It was during her sophomore year in high school, so the spring of 2007. I and a friend had tickets to go watch Lake State in the CCHA playoffs at The Joe. The morning we were to leave to make the 5-6 hour trek south, he had to bail at the last second.

Well, this kind of sucks.

Then I had an idea: pull my daughter out of school for the day, and take her to Detroit!

Now, this wasn’t going to be an easy sell. She had no interest in hockey or the Red Wings at that time. She certainly knew of the Wings, seeing just about every game was on TV in our house since she could remember. But, it was simply background noise to whatever endeavor she chose to do while dad, yet again, took over the TV for (sigh) another Red Wings game.

So, I went to the high school office and had the secretary called her out of class (I worked in the same building, so this was the easy part).

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