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01/06/2017 at 7:06am EST

Hey gang- This is a one off piece that is related to my 3 on 3 post tomorrow. I am sitting here watching the Red Wings and I started thinking about hunger. Not because I was hungry...OK well not ONLY because I was hungry but I was thinking about hockey players and the hunger they have to win. Then I started thinking about what would each team eat to satisfy that hunger (it was a long way from point A to point B but lets not analyze me). So I figured what the heck lets give it a shot. My plan was to post this tomorrow included with the 3 on 3 but that seemed to be too much so here is a separate post.

  1. Anaheim Ducks- What grass? Fish? Google please help...Small Fish, Fish Eggs, Snails, Worms. Grass. I’m stupid.
  2. Arizona Coyotes- rodents, rabbits, fish and frogs, and larger game like deer
  3. Boston Bruins- A bruin is a bear right? So like whatever they want.
  4. Buffalo Sabres- MEAT. Like friggin Mastodons. COME ON
  5. Calgary Flames- Flames need fuel so basically anything.
  6. Carolina Hurricanes- Hurricanes obviously eat anything in its path. That counts
  7. Chicago Blackhawks- For the sake of argument let's call it a black hawk. They feed on small mammals, snakes, insects and even fish
  8. Colorado Avalanche- Again like a hurricane anything in its path
  9. Columbus Blue Jackets- Wikipedia says the name is based on the civil war uniforms. Civil war soldiers ate whatever was available.
  10. Dallas Stars- You don’t even want to know what a star eats. EVERYTHING
  11. Detroit Red Wings- Ummm. My soul a little every game?
  12. Edmonton Oilers- Oilers similar to Blue Jackets eat food. Yum
  13. Florida Panthers- I think a panther eats whatever the hell it wants. You want to tell one no?
  14. Los Angeles Kings- Same answer as a Panther.
  15. Minnesota Wild- Things that exist in the wild eat whatever evolution and Nick Lidstrom tells them too.
  16. Montreal Canadiens- Poutine
  17. Nashville Predators- A very general name so anything from animals to things that are illegal in most states.
  18. New Jersey Devils- Human souls and you may not know this, Poutine.
  19. New York Islanders- Well let's look at how islands are made. The ice age (right?) and if glaciers can sink the titanic...bingo bango gang.
  20. New York Rangers- Let's assume it is like a Ranger in the military sense. They eat chow.
  21. Philadelphia Flyers- The flyers were named in a fan contest. Fans are people. People eat food.
  22. Pittsburgh Penguins- Crosby sucks. Also fish.
  23. Ottawa Senators- I don’t exactly know how the senate works in Canada but I am going out on a limb and saying they can eat whatever they want.
  24. San Jose Sharks- PEOPLE
  25. St Louis Blues- The blues are all about feeling bad. Just like blues fans who eat a lot of BBQ and tears. Not as bad as you might think.
  26. Tampa Bay Lightning- Atmosphere. Seriously never be near lightning. It will kill you.
  27. Toronto Maple Leafs- Maple Leafs grow on trees and trees live on water and strong roots. So let's say the hockey team eats coaches and careers.
  28. Vancouver Canucks- Canucks are just Canadians right so Poutine.
  29. Washington Capitals- Hopefully the Capital eats Trump.
  30. Winnipeg Jets- They eat fuel. Please don’t eat fuel. You won’t be a jet.

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