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3 on 3 Or: How to create an unoriginal title

01/05/2017 at 5:31pm EST

These are my six takeaways from the latest Detroit Red Wings game. I am committed to finding three positives and three “are you kidding me” moments. In a season that has been difficult to watch there is an overwhelming amount of negativity amongst the Wings fans I know (at least through this site along with twitter) and love. So instead of getting bummed out I am going to take it on myself to find the positive well also realizing that the “are you kidding me” moments are dominant. I am extremely biased. Things I will avoid 1. Management. Like a coach I am working with the team they have given me. By the way I probably will not manage to avoid the one thing I just said I would be avoiding.

Since this is my first time posting something like this I imagine it will be a work in progress. I have committed to write more and what better topic than something I am passionate about. Mostly I just want to get one of those cool banners like Malik has. You are probably thinking, great another Red Wings blog. I totally understand and if you please direct all comments here they will be taken under advisement. So.. Anaheim eh? The Mighty Ducks of the west.


Corey Perry had zero points. Zero. That makes me happy. According to the box score on NHL.com he had one shot on goal and one give away. Good. I hate Corey Perry. Corey Perry has only done one thing to make me happy and it was getting beat up by Pavel Datsyuk.

I can watch that a hundred times and still be happy. I miss Pavel. I hate Corey Perry


I wish we could decline penalties in the NHL. That is how bad it has gotten. It is so demoralizing. I am at the point where I am not even frustrated they can't score. I would be happy with a shot on goal. Hell, I would be happy if we could somehow manage to get the puck in our zone. How is it this bad? I googled "what is the longest power play drought in the history of the NHL" and the answer was just a picture of Corey Perry laughing at me. According to Wikipedia the worst power play percentage in a season was by the Tampa Bay Lightning (good) during the 97/98 season at 9.35%. As of today the Wings are 30th in the league at 11.4% and I kid you not 03.6% on the road. I blame Corey Perry.


Mr. Anthony (I couldn't find his middle name so lets just say...Larry) Mantha is a beast and will lead us to glory in the years to come. No pressure kid. I really enjoy watching him play. He has a different gear when he fires it up. I look at him as a Brendan Shanahan type player...someday. I don't see him coast or give up on plays like some of the younger guys on the team but he doesn't have the everyday drive yet. Hank will teach him. If he gets a fire in his belly the way our Captain has he will be unstoppable. Someday.


I am very worried about Petr Mrazek. He played well last night but my gut says something is not right. A little nugget in a (I believe Khan) article about Petr leaving practice early and being confronted by a teammate stuck out to me. It was almost a throw away part in the article but since I read it I have been watching his post game interviews and I see an unhappy goalie. I believe he has the talent to be an elite goaltender but does he have the attitude. I like a goalie who has attitude on the ice. I want to see them fired up. Get mad and throw your stick or yell at your D for messing up but a player that isn't buying into his team. No good. Maybe I am wrong but it is something to watch for.


I am not giving up on this post but this last bad is quite simple. We lost. That is a bad. I like it when we win. We should try that again. Or lets lose 7-6 in OT. 2-0. Ouch. Boring. We can start slow. How about we score the first goal. If we do that I will have my good for the next post.


I kind of miss the 10:30pm games. I can be nice and hopped up on Ginger Ale before the game starts and then be in blackout mode by the end. And hooo boy did that come in handy last night. I didn't hate the game last night per say. If we were say 7-3-1 in our past 11 then hey, it was a close game against a good team. But we aren't. Crap...This is supposed to be a good. Ummm...Corey Perry sucks. Nailed it.

Thanks for reading and I really hope to make this a regular thing. We go again tonight so here is to hoping for the 1st goal of the game which will be on the power play. My prediction for tonight. I enjoy a lot of Canadian Club and the Wings win 3-1.

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