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Talent. Will. Want. Motivation. Chemistry.

01/05/2017 at 7:50am EST

Do teams that win have all of these traits? Some of them? A balance? No, this isn't rhetorical, I am actually asking. I am very interested to know. I haven't written a ton on Paul's site but for those who know I am a Red Wings fan a billion times infinity percent. I have started writing this right as the second period has ended with the Wings in Anaheim. I do my best to watch all Red Wings game as a hockey fan first and a Wings fan second. That never happens but I swear I try. So I watch this team and I see talent. Up and down the roster we have talent. Is it AHL talent? I do not think so but hey, I am very biased. So, let's save some time and talk about Will and Want.

Here is all in one Picture

. Will x Want = 19

I can't explain what I am watching. I know that this team is built on the old school mentality of Will and Want. When I see Hank or Kronner talking about the game (any game) they Want it. And if it were possible they would Will it. Going down the lineup I see parts of that but nothing consistent. However, I know..No...I believe that any professional athlete has the Want. The competitive juice that flows through them. I have never played pro anything so my opinion is just that, an opinion, but I have played competitive hockey and I hated losing. That mentality is not looking at wins and losses it's looking at losing period. Period. So I give the benefit of the doubt when it comes to professional athletes, especially the men that play on my favorite team. They Want to win.

Motivation. Well.....I have no idea to approach this. 22, 23, 24, 25..... I wanted to continue The Streak. This year heading into 26 (or at least the hope of it) I really did not care. Before the very first game of the season I told myself to be prepared for a rough ride. I knew night in and night out it was going to be a battle. I do not believe in tanking. I truly do not believe any team at least in terms of the players set out to lose. That feeling or ability cannot exist inside of them. Maybe I am dumb or naive but I do not think its possible. And I sure as hell do not think that coaches or management would send that kind of message to a team. So in terms of how I feel about this team am I being contradictory saying we have talent but we aren't winning so it must be motivation? Nah. So finally...

Chemistry. I read an article recently, which I can not find nor have I really looked for, about players that are great/good/etc that are on the wrong team. The setting they are in is wrong and they can not progress. So I look at this Red Wings team and think about Nyquist and Tatar especially. You could throw in Sheahan or AA or....Well anyone other than Z and Kronner and Larkin. Maybe there is something too it. I know Nike and Tats are great players and you would hate to lose them but is it for the best? I think chemistry is the biggest concern with this team (please direct all comments to The Puck Stops Here). I do not have the answer or even a theory. That being said I think that is where we lack. Here is a unpopular comment. I love Steve Ott. I think it was a great signing. Also, I am not going to get into how I feel about Holland or Blashill and management etc in this particular post. In fact I am not even trying to make us fans feel better or provide any hope. This is just what I see. No matter what I love the Red Wings. I love hockey. I love Detroit (go Lions). I can not wait for the new barn and I hope the people in charge figure this out. Thanks for listening!

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