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The Most Iconic Goal in Red Wings History

04/10/2019 at 8:03pm EDT

This one is self explanatory, but should be hotly contested. What one goal scored in Red Wings history is the most iconic to you? Good and bad are welcome. I will never forget that disgusting move Datsyuk pulled on Turco, launching him into the "highlight reel bank." I cant speak to anything pre-90s, but here are some suggestions: Yzerman from the blue line. Lidstrom from center ice. McCarty dangling Philly. Larionov 3 OT. Statue of Liberty. Your votes in the comment section..


2 goals both by the same player:

1) Yzerman's 50th in (97-)1988 followed by the knee injury that same game that basically meant the Wings playoff hopes were dashed.

This was a year after making it to the Conference Finals--for the first time in forever. In 1988, they ended up making it again facing Edmonton with Yzerman making it back in time to play the last 3 games at 50%. Then there was the Goose Loonies incident. Mike Ilitch got mad that he was spending money on a hotel in Edmonton (the Westin) which had banners for the Oilers hanging in it--so he switched the team's hotel midway through the series. While all the other beat writers stayed at the Westin. Albom booked at the team's hotel. The morning after the bar issue that no one outside the team knew about. One of the Wings was a little too careless with how loud his voice was at breakfast. Albom was having coffee. Albom then got Demers to spill the beans and players were thrown under the bus. The year after the players stopped playing for the coach and they lost in the first round.

but because of those 3 years (and the playoff revenue compared to the payroll) the Wings made $60M which is most of what Ilitch used to buy the Detroit Tigers (for $82M in 1992)

2) Yzerman's 8th goal of the playoffs at 1:15 of the 2OT as a game 7 winner against St Louis in the Conference Semis in (95-)1996. People forget Yzerman was on the trading bloc that summer and a deal to Ottawa was nixed by ownership. This winner would lead to the start of the Avs rivalry.

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