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Hypothetical Detroit trade scenarios and you. This is where we discuss and get down and dirty!

01/24/2017 at 1:54pm EST

note: bringing this to the top of KK so all can see. original post was on 1/23/17 at 4:39pm.

Hey folks, I've been having a ton of scenarios on trades race through my head lately. One of those involves a hypothetical from our own chief(IwoCPO). He mentioned a possible Mrazek($4 mil/yr through 2018) trade bait scenario. So for the hell of it I explored that a bit reading some things here and there. Lets see who needs a goaltender. I keep being led back to 2 teams which are Buffalo and Winnipeg. Usually teams hate trading inside their own division because it can sometimes over inflate prices.

Lets start with Buffalo. Mrazek to Buffalo you say? Why? Well, their goaltending is not exactly stellar and they would like to climb out of the basement. They also have to room for the expense Mrazek would carry. Would we want anything back in return? Picks? D man(men)? Food for thought. Robin Lehner is 11-12-0-5 and has a decent SV% .921 and GAA% at 2.52. Anders Nilsson is comparable to Lehner. So what would we take back if we even want anyone? How about a D man, lets see what we have. Ristolainen is their top D man. So i guess the answer is no hehe. We cant afford him and they wont get rid of him. Signed for the long haul.

Ok, next up is Winnipeg. The goalies are Hellebuyck and Pavelec. Pavelec returning to the NHL ranks going 2-0 so far. Hellebuyck has been playing ok I guess with a 16-13-0-1 record. Not awesome, not god awful. Mrazek's record doesnt really reflect in a good light either at 10-11-0-5. But who do you want going into a playoff run? Pavelec good enough to make a run for the playoffs? If not we have your goalie.

Who do we take back? How about Trouba and Hellebuyck? Now before you go asking why do we want Hellebuyck, the answer is this: hes just a part of the package. Do with him what you will. Jimmy goes to Vegas at the entry draft anyways right? lol RIGHT? Hellebuyck costs $667,500 and is a RFA anyways. So potential parlay right there.

Just some things ive been pondering. And again this is all speculation based on my own thoughts. This would only work if you agreed to the notion we were keeping Coreau as our #1 going forward, Jimmy Tiberius going to Vegas and Mrazek traded(in a package, remember Winnipeggi has $12million to play). Hellebuyck could be kept as a backup or dealt away in some manner. Either way we got our D man we sought after earlier on.

So do you have any ideas on what teams may need a goaltender who is on the bubble? Looking to get into the dance? Share up your scenarios, lets have a friendly chat and go with it. Thanks for reading! Game On!

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