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3 on 3 Or: Where have you been?

02/23/2017 at 8:00am EST

These are my six takeaways from the latest Detroit Red Wings game. I am committed to finding three positives and three “are you kidding me” moments. In a season that has been difficult to watch there is an overwhelming amount of negativity amongst the Wings fans I know (at least through this site along with twitter) and love. So instead of getting bummed out I am going to take it on myself to find the positive while also realizing that the “are you kidding me” moments are dominant. I am extremely biased. Things I will avoid 1. Management. Like a coach I am working with the team they have given me. By the way I probably will not manage to avoid the one thing I just said I would be avoiding.

Hey y'all. I have been away for awhile. No real good reason really. It started with the BS that happened with TPSH, continuing with blah blah and etc. Then Mr. I died. There is nothing I can say that has not already been said by so many people. I think it has been being a procrastinator mostly. I have had a lot to say but not much motivation to say it. I want to really make it clear I am a Red Wings fan first and foremost. I think I have but lets just let it sink in for a moment. Here is what I mean...


Being a Red Wings fan. I am 36 years old and I have watched games as long as I can remember. I think it was Pass Sports that I watched my first games. My dad was a big fan but it was not like it was something that was always on our TV. I was also lucky to live close enough to Canada to get CBC. How awesome is that for a young Wings fan. I had Don Cherry's Rock 'Em Sock 'Em VHS tapes. Those were so awesome to a kid that had anger issues and needed an outlet. I started playing hockey as soon as I could. One of my first jobs at the age of 16 was working at Perani's Hockey Store. My point is, being a Red Wings fan was not always easy but I never cared about the record or the stats. I just loved Hockey. I loved the Red and White. And Steve Yzerman was a hero. In my life this is because of Mr. I. He made it happen. That matters to so many of us and there really is not a better tribute to him then that fact. We can talk about the playoff record, the wins, the Stanley Cups and everything else but none of it happens without the Ilitch family. Thank you Mr. Ilitch.


Being a Red Wings fan. The Goal. The Russian Five. The Grind Line. The Captain. The Perfect Human. The Magic Man. Hank. The Turtle. Mr. Hockey. Game 2 and Mr. Larinov. Darren McCarty in game 4. Datysuk vs Perry. Roy vs (almost) All our Goalies. 61 Wins. Scotty Bowman. The Accident. Believe. There is no way I can list all of the moments that have defined my love of this team. Please add more in the comments.


Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Marian Ilitch.

No bads in this post. Lets celebrate the good. Thanks for reading. Please add your thoughts, which you may have already in other blogs but for me, lets hear it.

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