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01/05/2007 at 2:08pm EST

With the Canucks playing well—at least for a few minutes—and the Red Wings getting ripped last night, I thought it would be fun to do a quick post-game ‘analysis’ of that always-entertaining team. (God, how I’ve missed a bit of trash-talk…)

And this time I don’t even have to make crap up or do bad photoshoppery… reality is more than enough fun.

Let’s start with The Dominator…

“I have no explanation for that. I don’t know what to say. I don’t have any words for it. They outplayed us, but still, you give up nine goals, that’s a lot for a game. We played very bad.”
Dominik Hasek

And why is this quote notable? Well, geez, note the use of the word “we”... as in “we played very bad.” That’s a very big step for The Dominator, a man who’s made a career out of saying “they” a lot: “they played terrible”, “they didn’t defend our end”, “they left me hanging out to dry!”

But he said “we”—I’m very impressed. Maybe his contractually-enforced weekly therapy sessions (what? you didn’t know about those? you’d better believe they exist…) are finally starting to click. Plus some greatself-helpbooks have probably made a big difference.

But enough about Dom. I can’t compliment him anymore than that… makes me queasy. Moving on to the rest of the peanut gallery.

“Once we lost our composure, we didn’t do very good, and the bottom line is, we just got humbled beyond belief.”
Coach Mike Babcock, Detroit News

“We were in this together as a team and we were all bad together.”
Coach Mike Babcock, Detroit News

“I love LA. I was looking for that midget, Randy Newman, tonite. I’ll bet if I’d asked him, he would have sang that song, ‘I looovvveeee LA!!’ Great town. Good team. I thought we’d be ready. Gameplanned for them. Gameplanned for the Kings, but the Kings beat us and beat us good. What? We’re in San Jose?”
Coach Mike Babcock, Courtesy Abel to Yzerman

Beauty. Finally, there’s the Wings bloggers themselves, God love their blackened souls…

“It would be best to lower your expectations now rather than have your hopes crushed later. Let pessimism be your guide, and hunker down for what promises to be a very long second half of the season.”
Behind the Jersey

“Why was Dominik Hasek asked to remain after the 6th and 7th goals, when the game was so obviously lost? Forget the ego. Hasek’s insane so giving up 8 can’t damage his psyche any further.”
Abel to Yzerman

“I only caught bits of the game last night and even though I have it on tape, I’m not doing a writeup. I’m sicker than a dog today and there’s no way I’m up to it. Sorry.”
On the Wings

A three-nothing lead
Nine unanswered goals scored
West Coast road trips suck

A post-game haiku by Gloveside

“The Red Wings played last night? No, I believe you’re wrong. No game last night.”
Paul Kukla’s comment to me by email this morning.

Gosh, that was fun—I feel chipper and ready to face the day now. And no doubt Wings fans will make me eat this post if Vancouver gets their asses handed to them by the Oilers tonight.

Ah well. It’ll have been worth it… ;-)

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