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10/13/2011 at 7:29pm EDT

Last night’s Philly/Van game. Listening to “Jagr has the puck…” calls was surreal enough, but much of the rest of the game was outright painful. Hopefully the pre-season ends soon for these guys? (On the other side of the equation, hearing the words “goalie controversy” five minutes into the season sort of makes some of us want to smack around the entire Canucks fanbase.)

Today’s Canucks/Wings game. It appears that some Canucks fans (i.e. me) aren’t able to watch the Vancouver/Detroit game tonight. Apparently MLB (and its spry little scurrying squirrel... wth?) is dominating our regular Sportsnet SD and HD channels.

This has forced tonight’s hockey matchup between the Red Wings and Canucks up onto some stratospheric backup channel on the TV dial (well, they used to be called dials… back when I had 80’s hair), and one that apparently I can’t get. This is despite the fact I pay more for my cable each month than I do for health insurance. For my entire family.

Mark Messier is running in the NYC Marathon. Messier has committed so many moral crimes (hyperbole, you say? clearly you missed the 1990s!) against Canucks fans, it’s difficult to be impressed at the (I’ll admit it) kick-ass style of a 50 year old taking on his first NYC Marathon.

Anyone else, I’d be in awe. But Messier? I think I’m more interested in that midpoint of the race where he starts heaving his breakfast all over the sidewalk. If someone has a camera handy, that’d be nice. Hopefully he’s wearing a NYR logo on him somewhere in the close-up. :)

Vancouver Rioters, step right up and get your manicure. “Emasculation” is the intent, they say… which seems offensive on multiple levels I don’t even want to get into. Frankly, this whole promotion just seems more like something The Onion would dream up. Except in The Onion, I might actually find it funny.


Okay, that’s probably enough negativism for one day. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll all be talking trash about the Red Wings. There’s never nearly enough trash talk about the Red Wings around here…

I can dream!

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