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Rory All Star Drop

01/05/2007 at 12:29am EST

Rory Fitzpatrick dropped to 3rd place by the end of All Star voting the other day. Ritch, the American Hockey Fan, has something to say about whole debacle:

Many people have criticized it, Don Cherry among them, who said “the league is not a joke, and this is a joke.” To that, I respectfully disagree, especially seeing as Grapes happens to be a personal hero of mine.

Look- while Vote for Rory might be funny, it’s not JUST a joke. It’s a legitimate effort to insert some new blood into the NHL All Star game, and reward a player who has worked his ass off to stay in this league. If some people want to laugh, fine. But has baseball, basketball or football ever suggested anything this cool?

Read the whole post. It’s entertaining, plus he finishes it off with a pretty good zinger, if you ask me.

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