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Reasons to Never Order Pay-Per-View

10/11/2007 at 5:33am EDT

The Canucks got spectacularly whooped on Wednesday night, maintaining their 18 year winless streak against the Flyers on Vancouver ice. (And all for the bargain price of $12.95, since the game could only be watched via PPV. Icing on the cake.)

But aside from Vancouver’s collapse, the game might end up being better remembered for Jesse Boulerice’s little moment in the spotlight. From the Vancouver Sun:

The Canucks lost centre Ryan Kesler at 11:39 of the third when when he was cross-checked in the face by Flyer winger Jesse Boulerice, who received a match penalty for intent to injure.

So, let’s start with that video:

(Thanks to for the footage…)How charming. Boulerice snapped his stick, using Kesler’s face to help him out with his little woodworking project.From the AP:

Boulerice’s coach agreed that a suspension is probably forthcoming.“It’s unacceptable, it’s something that we can’t have, Flyers coach John Stevens said. “We didn’t need to get involved in anything really, we had the hockey game in hand and that was the message on the bench, so that kind of stuff can’t happen.’’Boulerice received a match penalty for intent to injure, which comes with an automatic review by the league.“I’m just lucky my jaw isn’t broken, hopefully it’s not fractured,’’ Kesler said. “Obviously it’s a dirty play and you don’t like to see that happen to anyone. ... It shouldn’t be in the game.’’Boulerice said he was sorry for the hit. “I reacted in a bad way the wrong way,’’ he said.
Now, given the fact that Boulerice immediately threw down his gloves as if to fight—right after trying to take off Kesler’s head—I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he had no awareness his cross check would end up in quite as dangerous a position as it did. But he’s responsible for his stick… and that was one seriously dumb move.Classy stuff, Boulerice. Enjoy your suspension.The rest of the Canucks’ night wasn’t much better. On nearly every goal, the Canucks looked like minor leaguers playing with the grownups. Disorganized and disinterested.From Grant Kerr at the Globe & Mail:
“Flat start, flat finish, flat middle,” summed up Canucks defenceman Aaron Miller. “We were awful. We’re just not working. I don’t think the effort can get much worse than that. We had a lot of breakdowns. If the effort’s not there, nothing’s going to work.”
No kidding. I’ve saved Yahoo!‘s boxscore below. Might be a good way to keep things in perspective—when the team loses in a normal game, it won’t seem as bad.Now let’s just hope this is the worst trainwreck-of-a-game we have to see all year, and count ourselves lucky they got it out of the way early.*knock on wood*


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