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04/29/2009 at 4:56pm EDT

Steve McLean at Chart Attack provides some background on the Vancouver Millionaires marketing angle to this year’s playoff run for the Canucks:

Mighty marketer Jon Mikl Thor is muscling in on the Vancouver Canucks’ Stanley Cup playoff run with the “Vancouver Millionaires” single/video and his new Vulcan Sky Records album, Sign Of The V.

The record was originally scheduled to come out next year to coincide with the Olympics being staged in Thor’s hometown, but the Canucks requested the use of “Vancouver Millionaires” as a motivator and team promotional tool as part of the “Let’s Do It Again” campaign. [...]

The Canucks are playing the album’s first track at games and promoting Sign Of The V at the team’s stores. It’s being played 25 times a week by TEAM 1040 Sports Radio, which is also running commercial spots recorded by Thor.

Chart Attack goes on to tell us that Thor is a “self-described rock icon” who feels he he belongs in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. (At least he’s not shy…) Anyway, I’m skeptical, but I might just be too old—or too sober at the moment—to fairly appreciate the nuances of contemporary hard rock.

The video is below in case anyone hasn’t heard it, so you can decide for yourself:

Incidentally, the Vancouver Canucks have a gifted marketing department, which has reached new levels in the past year with various creative promotions. And I think that’s a good thing, of course—they’re running a business, plus I’m always glad to have new Canucks fans joining the fold—but it’s easy for such efforts to come off too controlled and refined.

What I’d like to see more of would be things like the video below. A classic which I will never tire of. :)

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