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G.O.D. vs S.T.U.D.

04/15/2007 at 5:14pm EDT
"We've pretty much played three games and he's shut them out the last two. He's been a stud all year long." -- Dallas Stars Captain Brendan Morrow
Goalie of Dominance vs Stupid Turco (of) Useless Dallas
As we've always known, this was liable to be a series of goalie vs goalie. And the Associated Press is loving the idea, judging from this press conference observation yesterday: "Looking for a place to stand for TV cameras, Marty Turco unintentionally posed under a Dallas Stars logo atop the Stanley Cup. A few days ago, it would've been an awkward sight. Now, not so much."Oh, gag me. That's idiotic, even if they had been talking about Luongo. Turco's shutout, as commendable as it was, does not indicate this series is over, or that he's magically become Superstar Playoff Goalie. It's a split series, period. One win each.Anyway, while it certainly is a series of goalie vs goalie, it's much more than that, too. Game #2 was lost for a few reasons:
1. The injuries Vancouver sustained in and before game one were a huge factor. Cooke and Burrows in particular are high energy players, which would have helped. And Kesler isn't an easy player to lose either.2. The effort Vancouver's skaters put into that game didn't come close to meeting the needs of a playoff game. They'd have lost a regular season match with that level of play, much less a contest this intense. It's understandable to some degree... their emotional, exhausting win in Game #1 would have been difficult to follow up.3. Vancouver's power play needs to get out of it's funk. Period. Dallas has taken 14 penalties in this series, 28 minutes in the box, and Vancouver has scored only once with the man advantage. Fixing this has become a do-or-die issue, if you ask me.4. Marty Turco doesn't suck. He made some great saves and was better than good all game. He deserves credit for that.
BUTWhile this series is heavily reliant on goaltending, that game was not a goalie vs goalie struggle.As I said numerous times early in the season, when your team can't score at ALL (which was frequently the case with the Canucks, from October to December) no goalie in the world -- even G.O.D. -- can win a game. He has to make big saves, but he also has to trust that his team will bail him out when he can't. He certainly bails this team out often enough himself.Tonight's effort will require that extra effort, by Luongo and the rest of them. While the injuries remain an issue (although Alexander Burrows is back, I'm glad to say; plus rookie call-up Jannik Hansen was very good under the circumstances), I have no doubt they'll bring more intensity to the game in general.P.S. The ice will be an issue as well. The price for playing a playoff game in Dallas:
The Canucks could get worked up over the ice tonight. An NBA game precedes their late game and the arena is hosting an Arena Football League game on Monday before Game 4 goes Tuesday."I'm not sure it'll be ice -- it could be a lake out there," said defenceman Willie Mitchell, who played for the Stars last spring. "It will be terrible."
Stupid Texas.Updated 1:32pm PT:From the Vancouver Sun,
Canucks coach Alain Vigneault is hoping he's found his Ex-factor. 'Ex' as in 'experience'.In an effort to invigorate a Canucks team that too often looked flat during Game 2, Vigneault has put together his Vet Line, pairing up Trevor Linden and Bryan Smolinski — his forwards with the most playoff experience. He's lined them with Jan Bulis."They're two of our most experienced players," Vigneault said. "We have so many guys who this is their first playoff series, that we need these guys to show us the way a little bit.
Fine with me.

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