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04/15/2007 at 11:38pm EDT

13:20— Burrows is being obnoxious already. That makes me happy. Such a chippy little bastard… I missed him

10:00 ?— Geezus… if we survive this period, I’m actually optimistic about this game. Shot blocks, penalty killing, Luon-god saves. I’m feeling “optimism” I think; this must be what fans of OTHER teams experience when they watch their team play. Wow.

7:10 ?— Damn. The Canucks keep playing with a bit of an edge and getting their noses dirty, I might have to quit drinking. A clean life for a Canucks Cup!

7:09— (Dream on about that last comment.)

7:01— Not that they’re playing that great. I simply choose optimism. Fuc&#ing penalties…

4:00 ?— Just noticed this on the Dallas News game blog: “Clearly the Canucks are not a smart team. In four of their last seven power play opportunities, Vancouver has committed a penalty and erased its power play. That’s about as dumb as it gets.”

Has anyone pointed out to this writer that the Canucks can’t SCORE on a PP? It’s not much of a loss. Honestly, I feel brighter about 4-on-4… taking a penalty should be the Canucks’ strategy at this point, for chrissakes.

0:00— Hmm. As Jim Hughson says, the first period was a “Battle to a Standstill.” Exciting? No. Satisfying? Yes. Vancouver doesn’t look dreadful so far this game. A bright improvement over Friday.

Second Period

20:00— Someone sent me this earlier… Patrick Cavanaugh’s blog on NHL Connect. (You know him, That Guy From Ed). Anyway, the Canadian expat had watched all of the Canucks-Stars Game 1 from his home in New York, and made this comment with the game winner:

4:30am ET: Sedin (the other one) finally ends it. The two teams line up for the series-ending handshake until informed they could still end up playing 6 more of these. Luongo throws up. Which doesn’t throw me off my game—I’m going out for breakfast.

17:45— Canucks are going to win this game, by the way. I almost don’t feel like watching… it’s nearly going to be anti-climactic when it happens.

16:30— Goddamn. We do NOT want the powerplay! Geezus… Modano almost scores, we almost have a penalty shot against Luon-God. It just never comes out well for the good guys. Penalty declined. Or better yet, maybe Burrows can just take a random swing at someone just to balance it out.

12:15 ?— Great Moments in Hockey Broadcasting: Jim Hughson’s comment that Steve Ott is a “poop disturber!” (Oh man, I love Hughson, but stuff like that makes my ears bleed.)

10:00— 30 seconds ago is the first I realized Brent “The Cracker” Sopel was playing. I’m not sure if that’s more a comment on me or Sopel. Either way, I shouldn’t be making any more fun of hockey broadcasters.

7:00 ?— This game is clearly Luongo vs The Stars. Stars 1, Luongo 0
NOW I’m stressed out. NOW I’m glad I have wine. Clearly there is NO reason to quit drinking.

5:00— About the Stars’ goal, we have more “insight” from the Dallas News liveblog: “There’s that traffic we were talking about.” (Geez, I gotta disagree; there were so few people between Stu Barnes and the Canucks’ net, I’m pretty sure I heard an echo when Luongo screamed, “FU#K!”)

4:30— Things are looking up! We just had a shot on goal during a power play! Interesting new tactic!

0:00— Well, Canucks are down 1-0. On the bright side, the Stars sure look to be playing to defend a one-goal lead the rest of the way—and Vancouver actually had a few stray moments of offense at the end. Live in hope!

Third Period

I may just suspend this “riveting” coverage of mine for the 3rd period till something interesting happens. (“Interesting” being defined as “till the Canucks score a goal, or someone body checks Marty Turco into his retirement.”)

We’ll have to see.

14:30— Well, about goddamn time. Stars 1, Luongo 1 (BOOOOOlissss.)

12:30 ?— Almost as fun as finally tying this game and generating a pile of offense, is listening to 18,000+ Texans start to freak out. Good times…. FINALLY.

11:00— Nagy needs to have the crap kicked out of him. BUT Luongo does know how to sell it sometimes when he wants to make a point with the refs. I’m guessing he’s fine. (Please, God, let him be fine…)

10:00?— Linden cracked Sydor and he goes down. Clean hit, sucker - and he seems okay, anyway. (Geezus, I have a desire to vent my bloodlust against this godforsaken team. Sort of disturbing, reallly.) (Note: Dallas boys say it wasn’t a clean hit, it was an elbow to the head. Anyone have an opinion?)

8:00— Not to state the obvious, but Naslund and the Sedins look VERY good together tonight. Nice to see.

7:50— New tactic: blind Turco in snow showers? Excellent. I only question why no one thought of that before.

6:00— Still makes me giggle that someone named “Hagman” plays for “Dallas”. (And if you don’t get that reference, you’re too young to be on this blog. Go away, or use Google).

5:08— What’s the difference this period? Vancouver’s improved offense? Or, like I said at the end of the 2nd period, the Stars and their notion to play D the rest of the way… looking to win 1-0? I can’t decide really, but Dallas is getting schooled most of the last 15 minutes.

1:50— This is the scariest time, I swear. A tied game with less than 2 minutes, both teams playing defense, and any insane puck bounce could wreck a perfectly good buzz.

0:00— BREATHE. Whew…

Now it’s time to make predictions. Who are your predictions to pot the sudden death goal?

I’m saying Ohlund for Vancouver, or (puke) Hagman for Dallas. (Not that Hagman has a chance in hell, you understand.)

Fourth Period—1st OT

20:00— Coming soon. If our hearts can take it.

18:00— Well THIS is an unexpected opening to OT. End to end, couple scoring chances. Hell, you’d think they expected to end this thing before 1 a.m., or something.

16:00— I change my earlier prediction about the Canucks game winner. I think it’s going to be someone on the Sedin-Sedin-Nazzy line. Or maybe freakin’ Bulis again.

12:00 ?— PYATT!!!!! Wins it!

Post Game

Wow, was Luongo/Loan-to-go (according to Harry) ever good in this game.

DAMN. Does that feel good. Now the fun part begins. First, the newspapers will be trash-talking like the devil tomorrow. (And I suspect the Dallas News liveblog boys are going to implode any minute now.)

But if you really want to have fun, read the Dallas Stars official forums. Those people are wacko on good days… tonight should take it to a whole new level. :)

Awesome win. Yay!

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