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Video- Is Chris Osgood Hockey Hall Of Fame Worthy?

11/11/2022 at 9:42am EST

via the YouTube page of Bally Sports Detroit,

Mickey Redmond and Trevor Thompson discuss Chris Osgood's Hall of Fame candidacy, and we hear from some of his former teammates and executives about what Osgood meant to the Red Wings and why he should be in the Hall of Fame.


Indeed. Ozzie will have his day eventually. Osgood, a three-time Stanley Cup winner with the Detroit Red Wings, is the only goalie in NHL history to win more than 400 games (401) and lose fewer than 250.

Also, I think Scotty knows what he’s talking about.

From an interview with Scotty Bowman in April, 2017…

Bowman: I still prefer to think that goaltending is the most important position. Very seldom do teams win a playoff series without strong goaltending. If the goalie in your end isn’t outplaying the guy at the other end you are going to have a lot of trouble. You need a good defenseman, but the most important player is always the goaltender.. 


My impression of so many goalies over the years is that a number of them seem to thrive on being under siege. Put a good defense in front of them, and it’s hard for them to stay focused.  I remember feeling that way about Hasek once he joined the Wings.  Ozzie never seemed like he needed to be a punching bag in order to stay locked in, which I admired about him.  

Ozzie played 744 games and won 401 of them.  That’s 53%, which more or less matches Brodeur or Roy.  We don’t question their credentials.  I say Ozzie for HOF.  


I was at the game where Ozzy won #400, so yes! lol 

But the HHoF standards are really high, and if you have to ask the question, maybe he's not. But his numbers don't lie.


Adrew Copp mic'd up in the game against the Wild in late October.


While it's pretty clear Osgood achieved a lot because of the teams in front of him, but he should not be punished for playing for great teams either and objectively his achievements and stats are HOF worthy.


Ozzie was an excellent goaltender and great Wing but not a HOFer. His closest comps are Vernon, Beaupre, Moog, Meloche and Halak. His numbers compare somewhat favorably to Fuhr and Smith, but even then he comes up short. The very best thing you can say about him was that he won a ton playing for a stacked team. He was never one of the 3 or so best goalies in the league. I love the dude but the Hall is for elite talent.


Fuhr,Smith,and Vachon played on “stacked” teams also. Ozzie should join em. 


I know one thing for sure, if Ozzie doesn't get in neither does Curtis Joseph or Henrik Lundqvist.


Yes, he should be. If the debacle in 2009 didn't take place, he would be in already.


One bounce a different way in 2009 SCF and I don’t think this would even be much of a debate. To me, Osgood is a HoFer not only for his overall career accomplishments, but also the way he reinvented himself after bouncing around a bit in Long Island and St. Louis. To me, he may not have been a spectacular goalie in terms of size or athleticism; he was generally not in those situations in which a good goalie on a bad team would sometimes earn plaudits for stopping like 43/45, even if his team lost the game. Her was instead an undersized goalie who may not have wowed you during every regular season games but one whom you could win it all with, ten years apart, even as the game changed a lot. The league looked so antsy to see Pittsburgh finally win after they’d hyped Crosby so much. Osgood was good enough to win a second consecutive Cup that Spring. His team just barely missing winning it all, back to back, shouldn’t be what keeps him out. Because, if he had won that second consecutive Cup while in net in 2009, I just have a hard time believing even his most adamant critics would be taken seriously trying to portray him as a pedestrian goalie who just lucked out playing behind great teams. 

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