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Abel to Yzerman

Quick Recap- Detroit Red Wings/Minnesota Wild

12/14/2022 at 10:00pm EST

Minnesota led 1-0 after the first period in which Detroit had two shots, none in the last 14 minutes or so.

In the second period, the Wild scored to make it 2-0, the Wings made it a one shot game with a goal but 16 seconds later, the Wild took a 3-1 lead.

The Wild added an empty net goal in the third and to win 4-1.

Below find the hit on Filip Hronek and the Detroit

Team Stats



Should of been a penalty and should be a suspension


That's good news. Hopefully Larkin will also be back on Saturday.



The Wings are still over passing the puck in the O Zone. They need to stop looking for the perfect shot. Shoot the puck, two guys from the slot advance towards the goal. Get a rebound or a garbage goal. Anything!

Put Suter on power play coach Penguin.

Their forecheck is not consistent enough. They allow teams to advance out of their zone with little pressure. You cannot always fight it out in the neutral zone. You have to be on them like flies on a fresh turd.

One last request to yzerman, can we get some rough, scoring Canadian or American boys or even European? This team needs more of an edge. Not like Minnesota douchebag shit, players that are physical, can score and can stand tall if needed to with their fists. Come on Santa, its time to deliver.


Not that it’s translated into a bunch of wins or anything, but CBJ went out and got Gudbranson and then signed Olivier in large part due to how much Minnesota gooned it up against them last season. There were a couple of games where it was pretty blatant, shameless “well, you guys have got no one to fight, so what are you going to do about it?” To the point it was a clear player demand and organizational response. 

Reaves has become a half-retired joke - he doesn’t enforce or fight anyone of his ability. But he does clown around and chirp people while targeting much smaller players. He’s always been a dirty player. He’s always charged and targeted guys heads gratuitously. 

I understand SY is about value and depth on the ice. But there are still games where an opponent will continually cross the line and basically laugh and taunt because they know there is no one with any ability to make them pay for it. 
I still think it’s a bad idea to again be about the only team in the league with no one who can fight. Sometimes it comes in the form of Olivier, ironically, endlessly taunting and refusing to let go of Sundqvist, a guy who’s had too many serious concussions to risk trying to fight, let alone against an  enforcer. Sometimes it comes in the form of what Benn and Joseph did to Larkin, or what Dumba did to Raymond. Or what Reaves did tonight.

I’m sick of it. Winning is the name of the game and sure it’s good to play a hard style conducive to winning, as opposed to looking for staged fights. But there is also a price to be paid for being the softest team in the league and have no answer against a team like Minnesota that really goes overboard. 


Indeed, Lefty. The Wings are a soft team all the way around, and, that isn’t the way to win. I don’t want all around goonery, or players the likes of Reaves. Just more grit and finish from the players we do have, and definitely get at least a couple of guys that can and will throw down when it’s appropriate.


I could not have said this any better, and agree 100%. What liberties that idiot Dumba did last year to Raymond made me sick to my stomach during that game. At the deadline, (or earlier). here's hoping Steve can pick up some grit and toughness in a trade to exact some Howe like payback on the likes of Dumba and dumb asses like Reaves.


hronek knows better than to admire his pass. people talking suspension, please..

guessing wings management thinks team tuffness will carry the day, reeves gave them some religion tonight.

at this time i ask, can we get an update on V?


I posted a little blurb from HSJ i the live blog stating we should have an update on Vrana according to Lalonde.  

The Wings have an off day tomorrow so maybe Friday?  They ca also put out a press release at any time.


It was embarrassing watching the team get pushed around like that.  Seider had one good "stand-up" check when someone came at him in the 2nd period, which then drew another MN player to come and push him around.  He stood up for himself, but nothing comes of it.  No retribution, no power play, nothing but 12 seconds of feeling "better".

This team is never going to be "tough".  We'll never have someone who can truly stand up for guys (Witkowski was the closest we have had in years and that really didn't even count).  The broadcasters reminisced to Probert, and that's about all we've had...Probert and McCarty.  And McCarty last played well over a decade ago.

Tired of seeing this team continue to get pushed around.  Tired of the cross-ice pass attempts in front of the net on the powerplay.  Tired of seeing the team continue to be predictable.  

Just another year as a Red Wings fan.


Here's the truth boy and girls, outside of maybe having a Bob Probert or Joey Kocur fighter in a lineup who do not play in today's game, Ryan Reeves hits Hronek, and does not think twice about any player in the current NHL being on our bench and many other players do the same.   

I just don't think this is an issue in today's game, not in our division specifically.  There's no real incentive for a team that plays us 2x a year to try and do the intimidation game, and in the playoffs why risk a penalty that could cost a game.  

If we had a dirty team in our division I could see the point, but I don't see a spot in our lineup for that play and frankly when we return to health in January, we're going to be pushing NHL Players off this roster, let alone having room for a 4-5 minute guy. 

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