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Quick Recap- Detroit Red Wings/Carolina Hurricanes

04/11/2023 at 9:33pm EDT

The Wings trailed 2- after the first period.

Detroit made it 2-1 in the second period but the Canes scored quickly after the Detroit goal to make it 3-1 with 40 minutes played.

Carolina added an empty net goal in the third, Canes win 4-1.

Team Stats

Detroit goal is below.


I watched only the last 25 seconds of this game, which makes me the real winner. 


I may acquire your game management techniques someday.


Another stunner.  22 goals allowed in 4 games. 

And Athanaseiu (sic) taps one in for the Blackhawks for a 3-1 lead over the Pens.  The Isle may keep their 1 point lead over the Pens going into the last game for WC #2.



That's nice, but now Bettman can work his magic if Crybaby doesn't make the playoffs.


Islanders need a point tomorrow to get in, hosting Montreal.



Yeah Isle just need a tie to get out of reach of the Pens.  Pens on the road at the horrible CBJ.

Pens have been inconsistent all year, tonight a prime example.


Isles will beat the Habs, unless they rest Sorokin…


Detroit could still land anywhere in the lottery from 8, 6%, to 11, 3%.

While true that is double the number of balls, even if they lose Thursday and drop (climb) to 8th with 60 balls, that still means the other teams have 940 balls to their 60.

If they do get to 8th in the pick that means they have an 88% chance of picking 8th, 9th, or 10th. 

Is Detroit due for some luck?  They’ll have about a 5% chance of it.  While no one is likely to trade away a top 5 pick, Detroit does have another 1st round pick and 3x2d round picks to deal with.

EDIT:  In their current slot Detroit has a 93% chance of picking 10, 11, or 12, so let’s temper expectations.


Eventually "luck" should hit, so the more chances you get, the better, math is math,
even if it doesn't work in your favor sometimes.


That's assuming they actually use balls at all and don't just arbitrarily choose shit.  Wish they would broadcast that bit and prove me wrong.


This is enfuriating.  The actual drawing should be shown live, not the ‘reveal’ event.  So stupid, but predictable for the NHL, manage things in the dark out of the view of the fans.


No real hockey fan believes there are any 'balls' at all. Time to show the real picks, and hide the secrecy.


There was a time when having E&Y, one of the Big Four, involved would give me the confidence to tell you to take off your tinfoil hat and trust the controls in place. Unfortunately that's no longer the case. To the "Eventually "luck" should hit" comment, that's not how probabilities work. In random drawings previous outcomes have no effect on future events. If you flip a quarter 100 times you would expect to have 50 heads and 50 tails, but 99 tails in a row doesn't mean you'll see heads on the next flip. 

Anyway, my money is on Chicago or Montreal. 

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