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It's Early October, Of Course You'll Stay Up

10/07/2018 at 9:15pm EDT

If the Lions had blown a 24 point lead to Green Bay today, I might have been in a deep stupor by now. I'm pretty sure I would not have handled that well.

But...they didn't. And here we are.

Babcock-lite told us we'd see "60 minutes of Hell". He said it. He even had t-shirts made.

We didn't see much Hell the other night. We saw a lot of scared kids, playing conservatively, afraid to make mistakes.

We also saw:

-Karen Newman in leather, Hank Zetterberg looking as uncomfortable as I've ever seen him, lots of empty seats, Darren Helm losing the handle on not one but two semi-breakaways.

We also saw a weak 5-hole goal through Jimmy Howard, surrounded by an otherwise pretty good effort from him.

We heard of Sid Crosby staring at a glamour shot of Zetterberg during the '09 playoffs, recalling the jolly days a year prior when Hank owned his ass.

We saw little of AA or Larkin and, really, not much of anything at all offensively. That's discouraging.

We've also heard since than that our can't miss first rounder was even more invisible in his GR debut. Also discouraging.

But, baby Jesus invented Game 2's for a reason and I'm thinking we may see a team that may more resemble the one we could potentially enjoy the rest of the year. Looser. Faster. Ready to take advantage of a four missed field goals and an extra frigging point.

It's a Live Blog, bitches.


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