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A2Y- This Is Not A Quick Recap

01/16/2023 at 6:19pm EST

You would normally find a quick game recap in this space but I've been doing a slow burn the last few days due to the Wings' demoralizing play.

This was Detroit's captain Dylan Larkin about Saturday's loss to Columbus.

"There's definitely areas where we've progressed," captain Dylan Larkin said. "After (Saturday's) game I don't really want to get into that right now, (but) it's clear that we've progressed. We're more deep.

"But we've been talking about it, getting on a run, stringing some wins together. Then (a loss like Saturday's) happens, and it's frustrating. That's kind of been the story of the season. We win two or three and then we can't find the fourth or fifth and get on a nice run.

"We need to find that. We're talking about it, we're trying. We need to do it pretty soon here."

Well, those words fall on deaf ears after today's 6-3 loss in Denver.

No more words boys, time for some action. It's time you prove yourselves and not just in tomorrow's game against the Coyotes. No guys, time to prove yourselves for the rest of the season.

Team Stats

Detroit goals are below.


I am shocked and dismayed the way the last 2 games started. 

Somebody in that room needs to get seriously emotional🤬🤬🤬


New Coach,many new players, and the same results as last season. Train Wreck Paul.

M. Glynn

I absolutely understand losing to a loaded Colorado team, but to come out of the gates flat (quite often) is deflating.


This team is soft as butter left out on a hot august day. Husso is starting to remind me of Ned's play this time last year. Shell shocked. 

Very impotent play in the first period and once again they cannot catch up.

BTW, it seems like many of the new vets are making the bigger mistakes. Let's hope this team can play a decent game against Arizona. 


I know this isn’t a popular opinion, but it’s pragmatic: this isn’t and won’t be a playoff team. I want them to dive to the bottom of the league, starting now. Finishing like 20th is the worst possible thing they can do. Sell off your older UFAs and any other veteran you can except Larkin (at this point I’d at least listen on him too), and admit last summer’s moves just didn’t work. I would also get Cossa and Edvinsson 9 NHL games while I’m at it.

This team is a huge disappointment. Nobody over age 23 should feel safe. 


And yes, I think I am advocating that this rebuild has necessarily been set back another few years. It just hasn’t worked out. Larkin is starting to remind me of Jimmy Howard: a well above average NHL player who just never won shit. You at least have to think about pressing the reset button on the older core guys on this team. 


This seasons is starting to turn pathetic and I’m reaching the point of wondering if Yzerman picked the wrong coach. It is one thing to lose more than you win, understand that, understand where the team is, and sure the Aves are great, but getting absolutely dusted before the 3rd period puck drop 1x a week minimum STILL? WTF is going on here? Wasn’t the Newsey schtick specifically to tighten up the defense, stop this BS? All I see IS BS. Are we getting better coaching than with Blashill, he got the same results, maybe better underlying “effort” with a 1/3 of an NHL roster, hand me downs, and a starter that just cleared waivers and no viable backup! There’s no excuse for whatever brand of hockey LaLonde is coaching out there, this is an NHL roster, with NHL talent, some of that talent that has proven itself elsewhere, and his team just gets their doors blown off routinely, come on already.

The on ice leader, Larkin, can take his $9MM/8 year deal ask and pack that inside his bags at the deadline. Hopefully he took note of real ELITE talent tonight deserving of top 5% money, but more importantly, this team is so far away, we need the potential haul both Larkin and Bert Wallman whomever, would bring us to hopefully get talent in return.

And where does this leave the rebuild? Stuck in neutral in my opinion. Yzerman you are without a doubt on the clock, HUGE deadline and offseason in my opinion.

M. Glynn

I didn't want to be the first one to say it. I like Larkin, but he's a second line center on a good NHL team.

rwbillM. Glynn

That’s been said for several years, and he needs roster help so the other teams’ top D can’t stack against his line.  Being a second line center doesn’t disqualify him from continuing to be team Captain.  His effort level is typically exemplary.

M. Glynnrwbill

I agree. I love his game and effort, I think he's a great captain, I just think we need better players around him.


[Comment hidden due to low rating]


Good to know people are finally coming around to my thinking.

Looking at the minus sign in front of the up-down arrows for your comment, you might actually want to re-think that.


Do not see where ownership has anything to do with it. Yzerman is running things and decides who gets what. Chris I brought Stevie here (back) in order to get things going.

On another note, who knows if it is time to move onward from players (i.e. Bert and perhaps even Larkin himself). It seems today's NHL makes it so that you have to bottom out in order to rise to higher heights. There goes Gary Bettman's parity.

I do agree, something needs to change here and perhaps there needs to be a partial tear-down. Move 2 of the 3... Perron, Bert or Kubalik? I do wonder if Larkin is getting burnt out from losing. 


You are correct, ownership has NOTHING to do with this, and someone that puffs his chest out with all this hockey IQ should know that blowing out cash on UFAs to max out the cap is not the way to build a team that is sustainable.  Yzerman knows this, which is why Yzerman is not doing it. This is Stevie's show, there's nobody else sharing the director's chair. 

Its an old worn out ownership is cheap diatribe that he and he alone keeps harping on, I suspect he has real estate or a parking lot around LCA he was hoping to cash in on, or a huge tiger's fan.


Sorry, I am not sure I understand. Is your remark about Yzerman or ownership? It seems to me that both want to win.


DCA hits don’t mean anything in the modern NHL. They mean you don’t have the puck so you have to hit guys.

This is just a low skill team that’s overpriced and is only going to get worse if they keep Bert et al around.

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