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A2Y- Quick Recap - Detroit/New Jersey

01/04/2023 at 9:39pm EST

The difference in the game after 40 minutes, two power play goals from the Devils.

New Jersey added 3 more goals in the 3rd before Detroit scored late on the power play to make the final 5-1.

Team stats

Detroit's goal is below.


Alex Nedeljkovic stopped 26 of 27 shots in a 3-1 GRG win.  I believe Vrana went scoreless again.


At least Alex played well. Can't say that about the Red Wings tonight.


Wings blowing the coverage twice on Dougie Hamilton during the penalty kill sunk them. That was poor execution.  It was a pretty even game up until that point.

Royal Grand Exalted PooBah

At this point I wouldn’t be surprised to see Yzerman trade half the team. 


The NHL, yet again, finds a way to actively not allow people to watch games.

Woke up late after a sicknap, and wanted to watch from the beginning... no spoilers or anything. Went to ESPN+ to start it over, nothing. Went to Hulu (not Plus), not there. Streams from the high seas show me the score and can't start them over.

Oh, it's on either TNT or the NHL Network? Neither of which I can watch (legally) with the 8 streaming services I have?

Got it, thanks for that.


Sorry man, but that's what a "growns up" league does to grow the fanbase, put their product on national TV station that is recognizable like TNT.   Hockey fans like you and I will try to find the game, the goal with sprinkling games around on national TV is to grab eyes that normally don't watch hockey sitting in the hotel bar or buffalo wild wings, Applebee's or whatever. 

I agree with you on the ESPN+ exclusive games that's just a pure money grab by the NHL and the NHLPA, same with the board advertisements.


Team played a good game tonight. New Jersey goaltender just stopped everything. Penalties and not so good PK hurt the team. 


I came home from work to catch the game and found it on the garbage network.  All the usual B-role anouncerman faces and some dipsh*t named Biznasty. Where do they find these amateurs?  Did I miss a phone call.  Was Jimmy Howard Bizzy?

Then we have the game... getting a little long in the season for his kind of crap show. Bust a move Stevie... let's get to that next level.... you know the one.

LGRW !!!!!


I'm sorry, but are you clamoring to hear Jimmy Howard's commentary?  If so, make sure you have your DVR on for the balance of the season, there's no way Bally's Detroit brings back that stiff piece of driftwood, its one thing to give post game interviews and say nothing, its another to carry an audience through intermission and post game, Jimmy isn't cut out for this, good goalie, terrible on air personality.   

Its bad enough to deal with Larry Murphy trying to get a thought communicated out of his hot dog hole, but at least it is insightful. 

I'll take the TNT crew over Keaton, Howard, and Murphy all day long.


Howard hasn't been good on broadcasts, but to be fair Osgood had the deer-in-the-headlights look his first season on air.  Surprisingly they brought him back and now he's pretty darn good at it.  Ozzie was really awkward at times at first, just staring at the camera when Keating was talking to him, delayed responses to questions.  He did get a lot better though.

It's worth remembering that these guys grew up playing hockey.  Many didn't go to college, never took a public speaking class, and don't have experience speaking publicly outside of the locker room cliché-laden interviews.  As much as I don't care for Bissonnette's style, he's one of the few guys who quickly transitioned from player to media personality.  


I'm not that upset about that game last night.  I admit I didn't muscle my way through watching the entire 3rd intently, but I will say for the 1st two periods, the Wings were clearly the better team by far, but hockey is hockey and you can't have 2 gaffes on the PK, and be unable to execute on the offense they did create. Frankly it made me wonder what could've been if a in shape/form sniper like Vrana got a few of those ops if that would've made a difference.  I'm happy to call out a team when they don't come out on time, put up effort/quit, or are poorly being coached, etc. etc. but that wasn't the case from what I saw. 

On the positive side, Fabri was really good, added a lot of pop to that line, matchup nightmare, Bergeren continues to impress as does Soderbolm. 

Negative side, Ras needs a finishing move and Kabulik better start doing something here, when he's not scoring, what is he? He doesn't play well.

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