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A2Y- Coach Lalonde On His Ejection

03/29/2023 at 3:47pm EDT

from Ansar Khan of Mlive,

“It’s a little unfortunate,” Lalonde said Wednesday. “It’s just not the culture of our sport. Other leagues, getting ejected, being demonstrative on the sidelines or on the bench, it’s applauded sometimes. Our culture is calm demeanor. Obviously, I don’t want to put myself in those situations.”

Lalonde expects to hear from the NHL and “rightfully get scolded.” He likely will be fined.

“I’ve only been in this league a little bit and I pride myself in being mild-mannered,” Lalonde said. “I’m fairly calm on the bench. It takes a lot to get me going. But that’s just not the culture of the National Hockey League, which I really like and appreciate.”

Lalonde was upset a coach’s challenge for goaltender interference following Jeff Carter’s tying goal was unsuccessful. He had some words for the officials but was shocked to get the heave-ho.

“It was probably an accumulation of my demonstrative reaction of the initial call, which was probably a little much,” Lalonde said. “I just think he had had enough. I don’t know if it warranted (an ejection). But he has every right to do that. He’s trying to manage a game.”

Referee Garret Rank has a history of tossing coaches and players. He ejected Sidney Crosby earlier this season.

“He handled it extremely calm,” Lalonde said. “He never raised his voice. He just calmly skated away and kicked me out. Of course, I’m new in the league and they don’t want to hear much from a first-time coach.”



from Helene St. James of the Detroit Free Press,

"That ref has a history of late of kicking everyone out, of having a short fuse and kicking people out," Lalonde said. "That’s probably on me, knowing who I’m dealing with, because he handled it extremely calm, he never raised his voice. Never warned me. Just skated away and kicked me out."

Lalonde's former boss, Tampa Bay Lightning coach Jon Cooper, was ejected from a game last season, and was one of the first to text Lalonde Tuesday night.

"He had a comment that got him kicked out, and he was a little disappointed I didn’t use it," Lalonde said. "He said he had it on a tee for me. So yes, a few of my peers enjoyed the moment at my expense."

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I wanted to mention it long time ago, but have Lalonde ever called a timeout this season? Not the one in the last minute of the game, but in the middle after let's say we allowed 2-3 quick goals. I don't think he ever did which I find pretty interesting.

M. Glynn

I was happy to see the emotion from Coach. I miss the days where coaches would lose it, throw sticks or attempt a scrap in the tunnels.

I understand and appreciate the current NHL conduct, but love to see passion from the bench and behind it.

ChetM. Glynn

If you want effort out of your players, it’s not a bad idea to be all in yourself and let them see it. There have been some crazy calls against the Wings this year (what even is goalie interference if not that), and he looked just fed up. I have no problem with it. 


He was exposed to the Pittsburgh debacle for the first time as Red Wing coach, and didn't like it.


I didn't think it was anything ejection worthy given what we've seen from Torts and Sutter, but I guess it's at the refs discretion. 

Did it fire up the players? Sure seemed like it. I like the emotion from the coach, too. Babs was fun of it and i appreciated that. Blash didn't really have emotion until his last season. Lalonde has been too easy going. I guess I respect these guys for keeping cool though - I know I couldn't. 


Having coached for a while, and working with coaching I respect, getting ejected or going full table flip in the locker room its not a card you want to play too often, because it can and will run stale.   Fiery coaches can be effective, but can also wear out quick. 

LaLonde, I assume, views this is a long journey not a short run, no need to posture in a season that is more about development and draft order than truly competing. 

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