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05/02/2007 at 3:19pm EDT
Anything Canucks-related that comes up today (that I can stomach talking about without wanting to slam my face into a brick wall) will probably just get added to this post in updates.Item 1 Jeff Cowan can't even go golfing:
Vancouver forward Jeff Cowan had minor knee surgery before Game 4 of the Canucks' second-round series with the Anaheim Ducks on Tuesday. Cowan, who was hurt late in Game 3, will be out for an indefinite period, according to the team.
Item 2 C&B reader Dev won a contest last night for the most obnoxious comment in our game thread, where just a small group of us were celebrating and cursing through the course of the evening. The winning entry scored points for being snarky, over-the-top and generally mean-spirited:
"bastards, all of them I wish them all dead, I’m pretty sure the entire team regularily tortures puppies and kittens, in front of little children, while dressed as Santa, the easter bunny and the tooth fairy. bastards all of them"
His "prize"? I think Dev should have to write a short, motivational post for Canucks fans who visit CB tomorrow, to raise our spirits. We all hate the game of hockey today; it's up to Dev to change that for us. [Update May 3: Dev's Post is up!] Item 3 Just in case there was any doubt that Disney Gone Bad is anything but a hell hole, I ran the team's website through the Gematriculator, to scientifically establish their capacity for "Evil". The results are clear:

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