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Princess Diaries -- Playoff Notes

04/15/2009 at 1:50pm EDT

Canucks vs Blues—Game One

The Battle of the Cinderellas is ready to commence, so here’s the first installment of the Princess Diaries—random game day notes for this series (*or at least for as long as I can get away with calling Keith Tkachuk & Co. “princesses”).

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  • A group of Canucks fans have decided to add charity (and off-the-charts lunacy) to their playoff hopes: They “plan to donate a live goat to a needy African family for each game the Canucks win during their run for the Stanley Cup.” Seriously. Who else but Vancouverites would think of that?
  • Alternately,Nucks Misconduct will be putting the cash to the Canucks for Kids fund in honor of Luc Bourdon. Readers are encouraged to throw in. (Please do. It’s easier than shipping a freakin’ goat to Africa, for godsakes.)
  • A new Canucks Special Edition Playoff Card: Pavol Demitra has been added to the collection:


  • Sorry about the Demitra card. I thought it might be well advised to be proactive and nullify any potential Demitra jinxes before they happen. He’s been healthy for a while—multiple weeks—and it’s making everyone nervous.
  • More Canucks Special Edition Cards.
  • Blues coach Andy Murray ran his practice out of UBC yesterday at the last minute. (The series might be starting tonight, but the ‘games’ have begun already…) Still, Phil Esposito is in love.
  • If you’re on a diet, stop it. The playoffs are no time to be eating healthy, as the risks of injury and damages are severe. Think about it: throw a hefty red delicious apple at your $1,500, 42” HDTV and you’re in huge damn trouble. But freak out with a couple bags of Doritos and a cheese burger? No harm done!
  • During Roberto Luongo’s interview on CBC last night he said he’s basically relaxed and excited for the playoffs. Nice for him but not so nice for us. Canucks fans want him angry and defensive. Tell that man he’s a bad goalie and it turns out he’ll respond promptly with about 7 shutout periods in a row. (You suck, Roberto!)
  • Contrary to everyone else, I’ll argue that neither this series, nor the Canucks playoff run in general, will come down to just Roberto Luongo. He’ll need to be tight, but the team isn’t completely offensively-impotent anymore. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ll tell you this much… If Luongo is the only factor in these playoffs, the Canucks won’t be getting that far. This ain’t New Jersey.
  • More proof this ain’t Jersey: the Canucks/Blues series will be broadcast in Punjabi. Anyone know of any other language broadcasts?
  • Tonight represents the true beginning of the Mike Gillis Era. He’s been adamant that he’s a man of the future, not the past. He insists that we can forget all about past disappointments, horrors and pain, and dream safely of big shiny cups and happy little Vancouverite children waving car flags and sipping champagne. This attitude has prompted 20% of Vancouverites to estimate the Canucks will win the Stanley Cup, so I guess the Gillis Kool Aid is doing its magic. (Which is fine with me… this is the time for blind hope and optimism. With as much tequila to power it as humanly possible.)
  • Incidentally, I hate the generally accepted hockey fan formula that says if the team is winning, the coach and GM are responsible, but if the team is losing, it’s all down to players having no ‘heart’.
  • Willie Mitchell takes the joke “planning the parade route” a bit further—he actually planned the parade route. But you can’t make fun of him when he follows it up with a comment like this: “It’s my dream. It’s what I play for.” Sorta the same reason I’ve given about $91 to Shaw Cable every month for as long as I can remember.
  • PJ Stock onCBC last night said something to the effect of “Sundin might be the most important Canucks player in this series.” He may have been making some cleverly sarcastic joke, but I don’t think he’s far wrong. Like Gillis, Sundin’s time is now. My expectations go up exponentially. He’s a playoff kinda guy… but can he still bring that magic?
  • Finally, a cheap shot:Keith Tkachuk, the good old days. :)


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