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Players I Want to Have a Beer With

08/02/2007 at 3:45pm EDT

Ilya Bryzgalov - Because that man is just plain funny. Even if it’s unintentionally funny, I don’t care. There’s just something about Ilya…

Jarome Iginla - Iggy looks like a super-friendly guy. And I bet he would fight you for the cheque.

Brian Burke - Okay, not a player, but c’mon. How could you NOT want to spend hours talking about the business side of the game with this man? I love Brian Burke. He’s blunt with his opinions, but I also think he’s probably the most calculating soundbite in the NHL. Nothing Burke says is an accident, even while he’s being reviled for it.

Trevor Linden - Because I’m sure that he’s one of those people that would ask you a question about yourself and actually be interested in your answer.

Peter Forsberg - Because I would love to know what it’s like living in a spotlight where you’re both loved and hated with such passion, by so many people. (Also, I’d bring my laptop to the bar so I could introduce him to the joys of

Darryl Sittler - Because I’m reading his autobiography right now and finding it insightful and entertaining. And I’d love to hear him tell the tale of his 40th birthday surprise in person. Craziness.

Dan Cloutier & Felix Potvin - I’d buy the beer. I suspect it would be well-worth it.

Jiri Bubla - Because his life has led him through plenty of unconventional madness, yet he still landed squarely on his feet. There’s a biography I’d love to read.

Sean Avery - I think he’s probably not a bad guy, but it might be fun to push his buttons a little. I can’t imagine anyone in the NHL being better interview material. And his willingness to say whatever crosses his mind could only get more entertaining with beer involved.

Note: Well, I’m sure I’ve missed plenty of other good beer companions. But geez, a girl can only drink so much…

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