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Free Canucks Tickets... If You Dare

10/12/2007 at 4:12pm EDT

From an advertisement that hit Craigslist in Vancouver today, an opportunity to see a free Canucks game—and flirt with committing a cardinal sin. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

So, c’mon, ladies, help a guy out. There’s just a few “requirements” if you want this date to work out…

I know there are always lots of people looking for tickets, so I figured I would post on CL, and see if there was anyone else that would like a FREE ticket to go to the game with ME… a complete stranger, and spend a harmless evening watching the Nucks. I am sure the conversation will be somewhat more interesting, entertaining, or at the very least, better to look at than one of my clients or beer drinking friends.

So here is the criteria and what I propose…….I am looking for an attractive, fit, married or single, classy, BUSTY female to join me as my guest for an upcoming Canucks game. No game in particular…whatever fits both of our schedules. Ideally you would wear something classy, but with a little edge to the outfit…

i love cleavage, I love big boobs, and i love a little attitude and confidence to go along with it.

This is NOT about sex, or trying to solicit a sexual encounter and I am NOT expecting anything in return before or after the game. Just some fun conversation, a cool experience, and maybe a glimpse (ok maybe two) at some nice BIG boobs….I am a total boob guy, but unfortunately, most of my clients are males, and my wife was not blessed with anything bigger than a b cup.

So…….if you fit the description, email me back, and lets see if we can set up a “Canuck date”….

me: 30, married, professionally employed, attractive, clean cut, classy and respectful.

Oh yeah. That spells “classy” all the way, babe.

*advert originally found here and dropped square into my lap by David.

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