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Dan Cloutier and the Canucks

03/10/2008 at 6:39pm EDT

From the Vancouver Sun:

Two years and one lifetime—it seems—since he left the Vancouver Canucks, Dan Cloutier finally gets to play against his former team tonight as the embattled goalie clings to his National Hockey League career with the Los Angeles Kings.

Cloutier, whose has endured an avalanche of professional hardship since he was traded to the Kings in July, 2006 after the Canucks acquired netminder Roberto Luongo, will play just his seventh NHL game this season.

I don’t know what the bookmakers have on this game, though the odds surely can’t be good for L.A. But still… Luongo vs Cloutier? Considering our luck with goalies, it’s just as likely to be the setup for one of those really brutal Life Lessons For Canucks Fans.

Nothing’s ever as easy as it should be—but it would be nice if tonight were the exception.

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