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02/17/2007 at 3:46pm EST

Alanah: 09:52:04
so where do I get inside tips on the Sami Salo thing, if he gets traded or signed? That’s going to be the biggest must-watch story on the Canucks this week.

Paul Kukla: 09:52:58
haven’t heard a word, but why would the Canucks mess with their lineup now?

Alanah: 09:53:51
because he’s UFA and he’s going to cost $4 million.. or damn near. And we’ve got serious money issues already… not to mention other lineup holes.
But yeah, I think he’s absolutely 100% necessary. I hope they figure something out.

Paul Kukla: 09:54:51
Datsyuk, Lang, Schneider are all going to be UFAs too. If the Canucks feel they have a shot for a long playoff run, and they should, they will keep him.

Alanah: 09:55:53
I expect so. There’s injury issues though… you just never know with Salo’s shoulder… I’ll just feel better when I hear he’s re-signed

Paul Kukla: 09:56:39
If I were the Canucks, I would look for a back up goalie.

Alanah: 09:56:58
Wade Flaherty

Paul Kukla: 09:57:10
Patrick Lalime

Alanah: 09:57:40
Yeah, well, that would be nice, but seriously - unless Luon-God gets shot by sniper fire from the stands, that guy is playing every game.

Paul Kukla: 09:58:30
In the playoffs, he may need a game off, and having a decent backup is key.

Alanah: 09:59:14
82 game season and he’s had only 5 games off so far, with only 1 or 2 more likely to come. I’m pretty sure they’re going to ride him…

Alanah: 09:59:29
Or is it even 5 games? I’m not sure

Paul Kukla: 10:01:02
The guy will need a mental and physical break, you don’t need him burned out come mid-april. Get a backup and ride with the rest of what you have.

So that’s it. We’ve got the Salo / Luongo situation all planned out. No solutions, but plenty of opinions!

Someone pass this on to Dave Nonis for me? I’m sure he’ll find it very useful.

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