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The NHL and NHLPA are not getting anywhere!

10/30/2012 at 10:46am EDT

The NHL and NHLPA are not getting anywhere, so you both have to stop and read this. l will be a mediator for now or maybe the new Union replacement soon.

Who said the NHL can’t replace players' and still be successful. They did it after the 2004/2005 lockout when they replaced 241 players' that did not return. They either left through retirement or just stayed away after the last lockout. All I need is 51% of the players to join me, that is what is needed to be able to play this season. First we have to get some work done to show that we mean business. I know that there are players' that just want to play but don't want to be seen as a union buster because they would be looked down at. Well guys I am a union guy that see's the NHLPA not going anywhere and I'm here to help.

First I will start off by giving the NHLPA the truth that they don't want the players' to really know. Donald is still talking about the 24% the players' lost in the 2004/2005 lockout and the truth is he does not mention what they have gained since the lockout. I was reading the paper the other day and it is talking about how Joffrey Lupul has seen his salary rise 373% that is an average of 53% a season since the 2006 season. Donald does sell himself to the players' on what he has done for baseball and yes that is the number one or two sport in the United States. In some states hockey falls to maybe 7th or 8th behind Football, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, NASCAR, Soccer, Bowling and even Darts. I have got to hand it to you Mr. Fehr, I don't know how you have the players' convinced in believing in you at the expense of the season being lost and the 241 players that may not be playing next season. My message is to all players'. My union does care about every player on every team and we will get a contract done together as one.

Now for the owners. We first have to sign an agreement that I have the Collective Bargaining Rights for the players' so we can work together to get 700 players' on side we should get the 241 that may not return next season, I'm not a lawyer but I think legally if we get 51% they all are bound to their contracts and yes that's where my tweaking of your proposal comes in. It is NO fault of the players' and some responsible owners, that lately there have been some big contracts signed. Why should everyone pay the price of a lockout, my first tweak is to honor all signed contracts and I will mention more tweaks below.

Both sides do agree that there are problems. That means we have to move to the future and the damage that has been done in the past has to stay in the past. Never bring that up again, LET IT GO and everyone has to start working towards the future of the game. My union and the NHL can start working on that while my members are on the ice. I will reiterate again that it's not their fault from the past and I will guarantee no strike as long as you guarantee no more lockout for the rest of this season.

Now for my union to fix the future: From what I am hearing from the players' I want all old contracts to be honored fully and a 50/50 split from revenue. Our new union will start playing hockey again on 11/11/2012, and a full season of 82 games can still be played. I was thinking of just doing a two year deal at the start just to show the players' that my Union is the way to go and I’m sure that most will be happy. I know we can't keep everyone happy on both sides but a good majority is always nice.

A note to the players'. Do yourselves a favor and google the baseball strike of 1994. After reading this material you may see why the owners don't want to deal with someone like this. Now ask your Union leader Mr. Donald Fehr if he has any regrets or made any mistakes as being a Union leader and I think he will come out with the same answer as Adolf Hitler and the Grinch that stole Christmas, I'm still upset at the Grinch LOL.. NO REGRETS, I could be wrong and he will say the 1994 strike. If that’s the case then WHY is he doing it again? Now you may be saying it's a lockout not a strike and you’re right but he took the dreams from the players' to win the world series in 1994. Also Montreal never did recover from that strike and they are now the Nationals in Washington.

Here is something that I would like you to think about. Remember Winnipeg, earlier this past season they wanted to change things up to move the Jets into a better situation for there division and common sense says move north, what were the players' thinking? I'm telling you this is a big power thing for Donald. This guy loves the power he has and will use it at any expense of the members (players') even if you're out for a season or two. Donald lose the power trip and get these players' back on the ice where they want to be.

Think of your 241 brothers that may have played their last game last season and for some not by their choice and be fair to them. They are a big part of why you all are making a great living in the NHL today so please think about them as well as yourselves in the decisions you are making.

Just STOP and think. How has this negotiations been working in your favor so far? With this question I am talking to both sides!!!

My credentials include 15 years' of experience as a Union Business Agent and 8 of those years as President. This being said, I know how to get the job done..

I am Peter Montgomery from the NationalHockeyLeaguePlayersAssociation.com and yes I do own this domain name.

cc. All NHL teams, NHLPA, some Players, all 150 player agents and some media that should get the real truth out.

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