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Thank You, Seguin

10/29/2010 at 4:15pm EDT

There is a part of Leaf Nation that will never be able to live down the fact that one of the 1st Round picks that they gave up in the Phil Kessel trade turned into Tyler Seguin.

This isn’t about Jared Knight. Nor is it about the 1st Rounder next year (unless of course it ends up being Adam Larsson or Sean Couturier) because thankfully, the Leafs are playing well enough to avoid that catastrophe so far.

This is about Seguin.

Even if Kessel turns into a 50-Goal scorer this season, the City of Toronto will not be truly satisfied until they know for sure that Seguin is the inferior player.

Last season, as the Leafs sat in the league basement for much of the year, the sentiment in Leaf Nation was simply this: “Please don’t be Hall or Seguin.”

This year, however, the sentiment is different. This year, Leaf Nation is actually starting to embrace Kessel. And it has nothing to do with his torrid start.


Our allegiance is to the Blue and White and every player who puts on or has put on or will put on that jersey.

So we don’t care if Seguin scored last night. We don’t care about the “Thank You, Kessel” chants (don’t worry, there will be payback). And we don’t care if Seguin is projected to be a top line, two-way center with gamebreaking potential.

We just want Kessel to be better. Much, much better.

Go Leafs Go.

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