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Useless Information About Me: A Visual Tour

01/07/2007 at 1:08am EST
My podcast mate John Bollwitt -- who produces and co-hosts The Crazy Canucks -- tagged me with a meme the other day. I'm to mention 5 things about me which people might not know. (For the record, I got nailed by something similar last summer.)Anyway, with the Canucks on a day off, I figured I should squeak this one out now. I've linked important images for a visual tour of my 5 things...
1. I used to live in Georgia and have retained an illogical affection for things like grits and boiled peanuts.2. For a time in the late-80s early 90's I cheered *shudder* for the Edmonton Oilers. I even attended some of their freakin' games. Dear God.3. When I lived in Calgary, the engine in my piece of crap car literally exploded, blowing the hood right off. I was driving through the University of Calgary campus at the time, and a couple of juiced up fratboys agreed to push my car 20+ blocks through the streets to get me home. Gotta love them frat boys and their hormones! (And their steroids/sudafed training regimes...)4. I'm not a natural blonde (shocking!) but I am legal.5. I own a Lubomir Vaic hockey card. It was a gift from another hockey blogger who knew I'd think it was the coolest thing ever. Framing that card is on my current to-do list.
Useless information, but there you go -- I think I've done my duty.Now, to tag a couple other people with this idiocy: hockey bloggers Bill, David and Isabella. Plus some long-time readers, Doogie2K and Baroque. I don't know if Baroque even has a website, but that's NOT an excuse. (No need for you to tag anyone else, Baroque, but mail it in and I'll publish it...)

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