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03/11/2009 at 1:11pm EDT

After a hard week of 9-to-5, there’s nothing better than a quick TV dinner and an episode of Sanford & Son to relax a foxy dude. After that, the sky’s the limit.

In the latest & greatest fashions, our hero is ready to channel some dance fever and get his groove on!


Starring: Greg de Vries. (Or so I’m told… I have the hardest time recognizing NHLers in street clothes, much less in these get-ups. Not that it’s out of the question that these are Greg de Vries’ street clothes…)

Yes, it’s That 70s Show known otherwise as the Nashville Predators. An explanation from the Preds—

Platform shoes, polyester leisure suits and sequins aren’t generally considered standard fare for NHL players these days, or anyone else for that matter. But in keeping with the theme of this year’s annual Unmasked Ball, Disco at Club 501, Predators players, coaches, personalities and even the Sommet Center itself were clad in attire that appeared to be stolen directly from the movie “Saturday Night Fever.”

Well, that’s just ducky…



Many more pics available on this photo gallery and this one. Just in case you need more ammunition to make fun of the Predators… ;)

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