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Game #2 Dallas vs Vancouver

04/13/2007 at 9:33pm EDT
imageLike game one, I'll be on the sofa tonight, experimenting with the best offerings that the BC Liquor Board has to offer. But don't mistake that for some kind of party good-time -- after the 7 period trauma of Wednesday, I would argue that alcohol is freakin' medicinal for this series.About tonight's game, I would also argue there are greater concerns tonight than the Dallas Stars. (yeah, like I'm really worried about Marty Turco....) Much bigger issues, like: Cookie & Burrows on mandatory vacation; Kesler-Being-Punished-By-God; the new kids in town. Not to mention a radical new theory that perhaps Tommi Santala is our "secret weapon" (sweet geezus, thank god for beer...) and so on.I'll add updates during the game when/if my sanity allows. To follow the game online, check out the Yankee Canuck for some liveblogging action. (But be prepared: he's watching it on the Versus broadcast, and that yankee really, really doesn't like Versus...)Lastly, I see that Isabella is worried someone out there is trying to turn us into Winnipeg, whereas Zanstorm is eager to make it so.I'm sorry to say I have no opinion on the 'sea of blue' issue... let's just win this fu#$ing game.Go Canucks!

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