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04/07/2007 at 3:38pm EDT
Vancouver Canucks vs San Jose Sharks -- 1pm PT -- CBCI'm not going to write much about this... I'm woefully unprepared for a game on this bloody early. Regardless, as with every game lately, as soon as the Canucks win ONE game -- today would be nice, gentlemen! -- they get the Northwest Division title and home ice advantage for the playoffs.Before I leave you to your excellent excuse for mid-day drinking, I would also like to point out one more very important fact: it was the San Jose Sharks, evil bastard sea creatures that they are, that mathematically eliminated the Canucks from playoff contention last year, on April 13th.If Vancouver can win today, it's a two-fer... ending the Minnesota Wild's pesky pursuit of the #3 seed AND payback to the Sharks.I have enough beer on hand to deal with joy or sorrow, as needed. I hope you're all just as prepared.Update 3:50pm PT: 1) Canucks win the Northwest Division. 2) Sharks may just lose the Pacific title? 3) Canucks play Dallas in the first round. (Scary, and yet... I have some VERY obnoxious ideas about anti-Texas hockey coverage. Awesome.)Playoffs!!Update 4:15pm PT:Reasons to trash Texas... the FUN BEGINS!

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