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Don Cherry in Reverse?

05/02/2008 at 6:34pm EDT

Reading the remainder of an Adrian Dater blog post (which KK highlighted this morning) I came across this odd analysis from the Denver Post reporter:

I think it’s time [Peter Forsberg retires], though. Not just for his body, but to get away from a league that never treats its stars very well, that allows too many no-talent bums make runs at them and the Canadian, good-old-boy referee system lets it all go without penalty. [...]

This league doesn’t deserve guys like Forsberg anymore anyway. For years, he was cheap-shotted and hooked and held to no end, and the Canadian good old boys always let it go. So, get out while you can Peter. This goon league never deserved you anyway.

First of all, Dater seems to be suffering from selective memory syndrome in recalling a flawless-Foppa—after all, where does he think the nick name ‘Floppa’ came from?? It’s not just bitter Wings fans who crack that joke.

But more interesting to me: what’s with all these Canadians-R-Evil theories circulating lately?

It’s something I find especially ironic given that Forsberg’s team primarily just had their asses handed to them by the nation of Sweden this week.

Anyway, maybe Dater is trying to make up for all the anti-Euro jackassery that Don Cherry slips into when he’s on a roll, but he sure sounds a lot like him at the end of the day. Just in reverse.

Besides, I’m Canadian and I love Swedes—hell, my own favorite team has virtually been an IKEA operation this decade. And when someone unleashes the goons on my Sedins, it always makes me miss Jarkko Ruutu, oddly enough.

So my own lunatic-goon of choice is a Finn (who certainly earned every penalty he ever got). Wonder what Dater can make out of that? :)

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