Abel to Yzerman

Abel to Yzerman

A2Y- Video- Chatting With The Coach

01/25/2023 at 11:31am EST

Derek Lalonde chats with Daniella Bruce and Art Regner.


Lalonde: “offense does not come natural, or easy for this group”

neither does a consistent 60 minute effort.

to this observer, Newsy comes off as more of an analytics type, lots of new age syntax – which is great for a sound bite, but the wings are still a 500 club. suggest the wings trainers need to slip him a dose of Scotty’s DNA every so often to keep this team honest.

respectfully, suggest SY gives Switzerland, et al, a break, and scour the western leagues for some Canadian Dmen with size/attitude.


ricky, I think you mean Sweden, but as far as looking for another junkyard dog D man from Western Canada--I couldn't agree more. I am more and more impressed with the aggressive game from Walman (even tho he makes some mistakes), his snarl and offense is much needed on our 'soft' D


Snarl might help in those 3 or so games a season where we play a chippy physical team or someone goons it up, but its not the glaring hole on this team, the issue this team faces is elite skill to move the puck from danger to offense, and then skill execute offensively in tight white ice spaces with pace or pressure. 

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