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A New Era of Hope
While ultimately, I did choose to be an Oilers fan, it is something that I was born into. I was born in the ‘80s and while I may not remember details, I remember excitement around the team. I remember celebrations being held at the end of school years, and I…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 09/29/15 | Comments 0

The Oilers Finally Get Lucky
It was supposed to be a relatively quiet couple of weeks. The Edmonton Oilers had their GM in place. Craig MacTavish was giving the interviews, he was talking about the draft, Craig was on it. The Oilers had their spot in the draft lottery, and with about an eleven percent…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 04/27/15 | Comments 2

Oilers Prospect Houck Graduates from WHL
The WHL season is over for most players, and this means tremendous opportunity for some including Jackson Houck. His Vancouver Giants team came in dead last in the WHL but now Houck’s season is not over. Instead of getting an early summer, Houck is being given the opportunity to play…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 03/27/15 | Comments 0

Don’t Expect Dubnyk Back
It came as a shock to everyone this year the extent of and sheer success of goaltender Devan Dubnyk. Having bounced around from team to team, most hockey fans would have expected Dubnyk’s on ice performance to have suffered, this would have been an extreme blow to his confidence. Instead,…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 03/26/15 | Comments 4

Oiler’s GM MacTavish Has A Funny Bone
Edmonton Oilers GM Craig MacTavish was relatively quiet trade deadline day. Trading only the expected player, Jeff Petry to the Montreal Canadiens for a couple of picks in this year’s draft, MacT started the day off doing what was expected. What wasn’t expected came at his press conference Monday afternoon.
Posted by Lisa Brown on 03/03/15 | Comments 2

Ryan Smyth Laughs About Good Old Days
Retired NHLer and Edmonton fan favourite Ryan Smyth aka Smytty aka Captain Canada has been enjoying retirement these days. He's still watching Oiler games and can sympathise with the team's struggles. In an exclusive two part interview with Jason Gregor of the Team 1260, Oilers Nation and the Edmonton Journal,…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 02/06/15 | Comments 0

Tales From the Road: San Jose
Just a short drive from the city of San Francisco stands the tech giant city of San Jose California. Thriving on the advent of technology and relishing in the proximity to some of the world’s best produce and wine the city of San Jose has grown to also incorporate their…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 02/04/15 | Comments 3

Re-purposing Rexall Place
Edmonton is getting a new arena, that is something well known. What isn’t well known, well, it isn’t even known at this point in time, what should be done with the old arena?
Posted by Lisa Brown on 01/29/15 | Comments 2

Oilers Break it off with the Barons
From Mike Johnston at Sportsnet: The Oklahoma City Barons, the American Hockey League affiliate of the Edmonton Oilers, announced Thursday it will cease operations at the end of the 2014-15 season. The decision comes after the Barons were unable to complete a new affiliation agreement with the Oilers. The Barons…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 12/18/14 | Comments 5

Oilers Struggles Intensify
The Edmonton Oilers made yet another mercy pull Monday. This time was different though, it wasn't one of the goaltenders that were a decided improvement on Devon Dubnyk last season, (are we so sure that was a drastic improvement now?) no it was head coach Dallas Eakins who was mercifully…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 12/17/14 | Comments 0

2014 Edmonton Oil Kings Teddy Bear Toss Draws Record Crowd
It took only 51 seconds for centreman Andrew Koep to find the back of the net, giving the Edmonton Oil Kings a 1-0 lead over the Moose Jaw Warriors and Santa's Annonumous thousands and thousands of bears. 
Posted by Lisa Brown on 12/07/14 | Comments 0

Oilers struggles go deeper than on ice performance
The Edmonton Oilers are bad, really bad, so bad that they are quite literally the laughing stock of the NHL. But it shouldn’t be that way. They should be able to block shots, they should be able to play together as a team but the most glaring issue with the…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 11/25/14 | Comments 0

Hall’s Injury Indicates Holes in Oilers’ Roster
Taylor Hall is out. Again. But of course, early in the season. This injury is not a statement about Taylor Hall’s health, athleticism or work ethic; this is about the Edmonton Oiler’s ability to fill in their roster.
Posted by Lisa Brown on 11/04/14 | Comments 0

Good news!
The Edmonton Oilers sent another five players to their AHL affiliate team the Oklahoma City Barons Monday. Sent down were Martin Gernat (D), Curtis Hamilton (LW), Kale Kessey (LW), Iiro Pakarinen (RW), and Jason Williams (C). Why is this good news? It means that the Oilers feel confident enough in…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 09/30/14 | Comments 0

Edmonton Oil Kings Start Season Off With Win
The reigning Memorial Cup champions, the Edmonton Oil Kings packed the house at Rexall Place with a record breaking 11,024 in attendance, the most ever recorded for a home opener. Led by a handful of veterans, and a new WHL head coach the Oil Kings opened their 2014-15 season with a…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 09/21/14 | Comments 0

My Kingdom For a Centreman
Edmonton Oiler’s head coach Dallas Eakins addressed the media Thursday afternoon expressing his concern that at this point, the team only has two NHL centremen. Finally, a coach that sees it and says it like it is. It’s not that the team doesn’t have a few options down the centre,…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 09/19/14 | Comments 5

Oil Kings Heading to Game 7
The Edmonton Oil Kings had a prime opportunity, they could have taken the WHL best of 7 series in 6 games, and won the championship at home. Instead, the Oil Kings let an early 3 goal lead slip away, losing in overtime. Now, the series shifts to game seven in…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 05/11/14 | Comments 0

Oil Kings Meet Winterhawks in WHL FInals, 3rd Year in a Row
For the third year in a row, the Edmonton Oil Kings have taken the WHL Eastern Conference by storm. Breezing through their first 3 playoff rounds, the Oil Kings have looked stronger than ever. But ultimately, the Oil Kings face their toughest competition, the Portland Winterhawks. Again. The teams have…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 05/02/14 | Comments 0

Ryan Smyth Announces His Retirement
It was with only a few tears that Ryan Smyth announced that he was coming back for 6 years, followed of course by his real announcement that his career as an NHLer had come to a close. With fond memories of how he got his start, Smyth says goodbye to…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 04/11/14 | Comments 2

Ryan Smyth Appears to be Retiring
The Edmonton Oilers have announced a 2pm media address. All signs point to this being the Ryan Smyth retirement announcement. While this isn’t surprising, it will be an emotional time for many Oilers’ fans and of course, Smyth himself.
Posted by Lisa Brown on 04/11/14 | Comments 2

Harvey’s Redemption
Being an Edmonton Oilers' blog, I know you wouldn't expect to see much about or from Calgary here, but this was too heartwarming not to share. For the unaware, or those who may have forgotten, southern Alberta was hit with devastating flooding in the summer of 2013, and many are…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 04/09/14 | Comments 4

Hall on pace for 80 points
Not one Edmonton Oiler since Doug Weight has netted 80 points in a single season, and that was the 2000/2001 season a mere 13 years ago. Now, standing at 77 points in 73 games, with 2 games to go, point per game winger Taylor Hall just might hit 80 in…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 04/09/14 | Comments 0

Sad Times as an Oiler Fan
I haven’t written much for a while now. I’d like to say that it’s because I switched jobs. I’d like to say that it’s because I moved cities. I’d like to say that it’s because I got engaged and planning a budget wedding is time consuming. I’d like to say…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 03/27/14 | Comments 4

What more could possibly go wrong
To say that things haven't been going the Edmonton Oilers' way would be putting it nicely. Arguably this has been the worst season of the 8 year rebuild, and we still can't tell if the team has hit rock bottom. While we wait to see how far off rock bottom…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 03/25/14 | Comments 2

Catching up with Greg Chase
Roughly three hours down the road from Edmonton, Greg Chase an Edmonton Oilers’ draft pick has played his best season yet. Drafted in the seventh round, some say Chase was a sleeper pick, some, such as I think that this was one of those rare occasions where he should have…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 03/12/14 | Comments 0

Oilers’ Practice Pace
The Edmonton Oilers have had a few parting players make remarks about the team, the coaching staff, and the general state of affairs over the years. Generally, not much is said that isn't already known, or little credence is put into what is said. But this season, both Ladislav Smid…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 03/11/14 | Comments 0

Women’s Gold Medalist Practises With the Oilers
It was social media at it's best Tuesday in the city of Edmonton. The Oiler's GM Craig MacTavish had just made the Oilers second goaltender trade of 2014 and Viktor Fasth would not be able to make it to Edmonton in time to suit up with his new team. What…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 03/05/14 | Comments 0

Oilers get trade deadline passing grade
The Edmonton Oilers had lofty goals this season. Oilers GM Craig MacTavish was fairly certain that the team needed only minor tweaking. There was no way to know that the team may need a whole new overhaul, well at least according to MacT. Yet here the team is, bottom of…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 03/05/14 | Comments 0

Ben Scrivens Signs on for More
The Edmonton Oilers have made their decision with Ben Scrivens. Maybe. While the team has had quite possibly their worst year of their rebuild this year, goaltending issues had to be the cherry on the top of a mountain of troubles. The team had stuck with and developed Devan Dubnyk…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 03/04/14 | Comments 0

Oilers Still Not Done
The Edmonton Oilers are far from finished making changes. As seen time and time again at various other times, by various other teams around the league, simply drafting high, and acquiring young talent is not enough to make a Stanley Cup team. Steve Tambellini was never quite able to pull…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 01/16/14 | Comments 0

Merry Christmas from Edmonton
Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas!   
Posted by Lisa Brown on 12/25/13 | Comments 2

Oilers’ Injuries Are Still Concerning
The Edmonton Oilers have been dropping like flies to injury for years. We try to assess where the blame is, we try to figure out whether or not the medical staff are on their toes, but what if it's not a matter of misdiagnosis, what if it's more a case…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 12/20/13 | Comments 0

Oilers Trade Omark to Buffalo
Edmonton Oilers' GM Craig MacTavish has finally done it, he has successfully traded Linus Omark. Omark is a once highly touted Oilers' prospect who was soon surpassed by even younger and more talented prospects as the Oilers hit the jackpot with three first overall picks in a row. Omark's performance…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 12/20/13 | Comments 0

Oilers’ Gaping Hole in Net Growing Ever More Evident
The Edmonton Oilers have had their share of issues this year. They couldn’t get a win, they couldn’t score goals, they couldn’t stay healthy, and most importantly, they had some terrible stretches of goaltending. GM Craig MacTavish set out during the off-season to acquire a backup goaltender, thinking that was…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 12/17/13 | Comments 0

Moroz Hits Career High 20 Goals
On the eve of yet another Oilers' shutout loss, and only one day removed from the Oilers allowing the worst goal of the day (Thursday), let's have a look at the other oil in town and Edmonton Oilers' draft pick Mitch Moroz. We'll talk about Devan Dubnyk and the net…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 12/14/13 | Comments 0

Omark Phones Home
Linus Omark is still unhappy, and still more than willing to talk to the Swedish media. After playing a lockout year in Switzerland, the Oilers and Omark appeared to have mended fences, or at the very least perhaps new GM Craig MacTavish decided to try his hand at working with…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 12/13/13 | Comments 4

Rule 48 Has Made the NHL Safer
From Jason Gregor of Oilers Nation: I believe the NHL is much safer now than it ever has been, yet I don't see many articles portraying that. Every time there is a borderline hit, or a spur-of-the-moment dumb decision that results in an injury to an opposing player, some pundits…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 12/12/13 | Comments 0

2013 Edmonton Oil Kings Teddy Bear Toss Delights
The Edmonton Oil Kings can add another checkmark to their season. This year's teddy bear toss was on a Friday night in the blistering cold in Edmonton, -30 C or -22 F and that's before the wind chill, but the hockey faithful braved the weather and bundled up to support…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 12/07/13 | Comments 2

Neverending Story
Who cares about draft picks anymore? Honestly. If you are in Edmonton, you have seen enough of highly touted draft picks. You have seen enough “HOPE” (Hall Omark Paajarvi Eberle) and can look back at how that turned out. Omark is having a fantastic season in Oklahoma City, but is…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 11/15/13 | Comments 0

Moroz plays big game
The Edmonton Oilers are still struggling to find their identity as a team and they are still looking for their missing pieces. While some of those missing pieces may just have to come through trades, others could already be in the system. A glaring need for the team right now…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 10/28/13 | Comments 0

Time for new news
For the second day in a row, the headlines are still focussing on Lars Eller’s comments Tuesday night. Yes from Tuesday night. Today is Thursday. At this point, is this just a matter of people looking for something to be upset about; simply looking for controversy? Yes, yes it is.
Posted by Lisa Brown on 10/24/13 | Comments 3

Catching up With Oilers’ Prospect Ben Betker
The Edmonton Oilers added 8 forwards and only 2 defencemen to their list of prospects this summer. The first of course was Darnell Nurse, but the second, added with far less fanfare was Ben Betker of the Everett Silvertips.
Posted by Lisa Brown on 10/23/13 | Comments 0

Oilers’ Tyler Pitlick to play first NHL game
Drafted as a centreman, now playing the wing, 21 year old Tyler Pitlick will make his NHL debut Tuesday night in Montreal as the Canadiens host the Edmonton Oilers. Pitlick has had some unfortunate injuries, and has not had career numbers during his time in the AHL, but due to…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 10/21/13 | Comments 0

Hall to the Wall
He’s back. The Nuge makes his long awaited, much anticipated, healthy return to the Edmonton Oilers’ lineup Monday night against the New Jersey Devils. No one, not one person could be more relieved than Taylor Hall, not even Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. Hall has had a good run playing first line centre,…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 10/07/13 | Comments 0

Prospects Moroz and Chase start season strong
Year after year, Edmonton Oiler fans have been told to look to the future. Now that there is an entertaining, competitive team iced every night, you might think that the message might be different. But there are still a few holes the Oilers need to fill, a few players the…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 10/06/13 | Comments 0

Oilers Celebrate Return of the Jets
Before their home opener at Rexall Place Tuesday night, the Oilers put together a string of highlight reel material to celebrate the return of the Jets not only to the NHL but also to Edmonton. If you weren't at the Edmonton home opener, you couldn't see this until now. Enjoy!
Posted by Lisa Brown on 10/02/13 | Comments 1

Eakins looks to bring culture change
New NHL coach Dallas Eakins knows that he has a lot to prove this season. And the fans, media and Oilers’ management are not going to let him forget that. We’ve already heard about the food changes for the media, and the off-season letters to the players but now we…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 10/01/13 | Comments 0

Keeping up with the Joneses
Love him or hate him, Ryan Jones is a fan favourite in Edmonton. His community involvement, his passion for the game, and of course his hockey hair have all helped to carve him a place in the hearts of many Edmonton Oiler fans, but the Edmonton Oilers are finally in…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 09/27/13 | Comments 0

This, that and the other thing
The Edmonton Oilers made some big moves this summer, big of course meaning more than one move. But then again, moving out your long time captain to make way for a new locker room “feel” can be considered big. Overall the Oilers’ GM Craig MacTavish did accomplish what he set…
Posted by Lisa Brown on 09/13/13 | Comments 0

Oilers avoid arbitration with Gagner
The Edmonton Oilers narrowly avoided making history Monday morning. By coming to an extension agreement with centreman Sam Gagner before his arbitration hearing, the Oilers will not be the team that sets a whole new standard for the youngest UFA in NHL history. Not this time at least. 
Posted by Lisa Brown on 07/23/13 | Comments 0

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