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Hockey is for Everyone
Support the Boycott!!! Strengthen the Game. The CP at TSN, As sports organizations and notable hockey figures express support of the U.S. women's team, several players say they rejected overtures from USA Hockey to serve as replacements for the upcoming world championships. Two players told The Associated Press on Friday…
Posted by Hockeyful on 03/26/17 | Comments 6

Take Your Puck and Stay Home
Canadian teams only!  Go ahead use only Canadians, no dual citizenship. No First Nation Peoples,cmon Don Cherry don't be conflicted.  Use only 100% pucks made from 100% home grown Canadian materials and that goes for sticks, ice making equipment and the tires on the Zamboni too. Yep, sorry you can't.…
Posted by Hockeyful on 04/14/15 | Comments 3