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BOOOO Sundin!
Mats Sundin is coming back to town tomorrow. I have appreciated watching him play for the past 13 years here in Toronto, but I’m still booing the guy. As his final gesture to Toronto, he left, when he could have been the gift that kept on giving. Sundin could have…
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Fight Breaks Out During ‘Nucks Practce
In the midst of Vancouver’s worst slide of the year, Willie Mitchell check Mason Raymond hard during a drill, and Raymond retaliated with a few cross checks. The scuffle ended when Shane O’Brien challenged Mitchell to a fight. yikes. link
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Seix Degrees of Sean Avery
per, a great Chicago-based sports commentary. Pretty good. I would have liked to see the end with someone better than Chris Klein (spoiler alert!), but I digress. related: The Six Degrees of Separation of OJ Simpson
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NHL’s Cy Young Leader, etc.
There has been a lot of discussion on who is leading the Calder and Art Ross races, but there is another race that NHL fans should be looking at: the leader for NHL’s Cy Young award. The leader right now has to be has to be Thomas Vanek with an…
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Avery’s Sloppy Seconds
Sean Avery just landed in Calgary and already he is stirring the pot: “I am really happy to be back in Calgary, I love Canada,” Avery told the media.  “I just want to comment on how it’s become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in…
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Oilers 4th Jersey, etc
Despite popular opinion, I like the Kings’ 3rd jersey. By the way, I knew The Hills’ Lauren Conrad was an avid hockey fan, but I didn’t know she was an LA King ice girl too. Speaking of third jerseys, I think it is a great idea for the NHL to…
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Fantastically: Take That Lundy!
Henrik Lundqvist has now played 23 games without a shutout. By this time last year, he had 4. So what’s the deal? Despite his lack of shutouts, I believe he is playing better hockey this year than last. He is making more saves, handling the puck better and waiting out…
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Fantastically: Jiri’s Time on Ice
Poor Jiri Hudler. Poor Kid. He has been patient for 3 seasons to get top 6 forward minutes, and just when it was about to happen, Marian Hossa decides to take a pay cut to join the Wings. Which forces Hudler from the 2nd line to the 3rd line. Despite…
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Ales Hemsky: Mr. HON Candidate
Ten games into the season, Ales Hemsky looked like he was going to finish the season at a point per game pace. Satisfying? Not quite. He may have finished the season with 82 points, but it looked like they were all going to be assists… on the powerplay, no less.…
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The Future is Robotic
Some sound advice to the NHL: get rid of the f’n cliches! Every sport uses them, but the NHL’s marketing group cannot afford them. Jeremy Roenick mentioned it at the start of the season when asked about Sean Avery’s criticism of the NHL’s lack of success in term of marketing:…
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