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Potential For The NHL To Fix The ALL Star Fan Voting

We have our first partial results in the fan voting for the 2017 NHL All Star Game.  The NHL is listing the leaders in the voting with no vote totals.  That is a rollback in the information they are giving to fans.

This comes after last year when John Scott was voted into the All Star Game by fans because he had no All Star credentials but went on to win the All Star Game MVP.  The NHL tried to keep Scott out of the game.  He was traded to Montreal and sent to the minors before the game occurred.  However they could not avoid the backlash of fans and let Scott play and become the story of the game.

This year they announced that players who get votes must be "bonafide NHLers" and will not allow votes for players in the minor leagues or on injured lists.  Nevertheless, Jack Eichel is listed as the fourth highest vote getter in the Atlantic Division when he spent some of the voting period so far on the injured list.  Effectively this appears to mean that the NHL will replace any player who they don't want in the All Star Game and they won't tell us how many votes anyone has so they can manipulate this without fans being aware how large a margin of support existed for the player they pulled from the voting.

This is a pattern with the NHL.  They refuse to give fans information that they want such as salary cap information because it could make the NHL look bad.  All Star Game votes are one more facet of the game that the NHL has decided fans do not need to know.

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Top Corsi Team

The team leading the NHL in attempted shots at 5 on 5 is the Boston Bruins.  They are +180 so far this season.  Their record of 15-11 with one regulation tie point puts them in third place in the Atlantic Division.  It is a good record, but not a league leading one.

They are a team that barely missed the playoffs last season.  Probably they were good enough that they should have made them last year.  Has Boston significantly improved since last year?  Their top line of Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand and David Pastrnak has been a very dominant line controlling the puck both offensively and defensively.  The vast majority of Boston's positive Corsi comes from that line alone.  Marchand leads the league with a +154 personal Corsi.   Boston's Corsi success is largely due to the one line.

Boston dominates the puck when their best line is on the ice and they manage to neutralize their opponents top line at the same time.  Their problem is their other lines are not anything special when it comes to puck possession.  When they get beaten it is the other lines that get beaten.

Boston is an improved team.  In part their improvement is due to underachieving last year.  They have the most successful puck possession line in the NHL driving their Corsi success.  With a bit more depth this Boston team could make a Stanley Cup run.

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Lowest Attendance

Ten days ago, I wrote that the Carolina Hurricanes are the lowest paid team (by salary cap hit).  This is a financial necessity for this team.  They also have the lowest attendance in the NHL.  They are averaging 10,969 per home game.  This is almost 1500 people per game less than the second worst New York Islanders.

Carolina has problems.  Peter Karmanos is 73 years old and his sons show no interest in running the team.  In fact they have sued their father for over $100 million that he failed to put into their trusts.  This is money that Karmanos has used largely to run the hockey team.  As a result, Karmanos wants to sell the team and there is little appetite to keep the team in Carolina.

The NHL has not had a team that is a former Stanley Cup winner fold or move since the Great Depression.  It looks like Carolina could break that record.  They are the 2006 Stanley Cup champions.  This was the first season after a season lost to a lockout.  An artificially low salary cap prevented any really strong teams from existing.  The Carolina team that won the 2006 Stanley Cup missed the playoffs in 2007.  They were unable to gain any sustained momentum from their win.

The Carolina Hurricanes will likely last as long as Peter Karmanos lasts running them.  They have not been able to draw fans.  There is little appetite for another owner to keep the team in the state.  Likely they will move when he sells or when he dies and a sale is forced.  Their low attendance and low payroll has put the team two points out of last place in the East Conference.  There is little positive going on here.

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AHL’s Top Scorer

Brendan Leipsic of the Toronto Marlies (Maple Leaf affiliate) was the AHL top scorer for the month of November.  Now that we have moved into December, there is a new AHL top scorer in Brad Hunt of the Chicago Wolves (St Louis Blues affiliate).  Brad Hunt has 26 points in 22 games.  This is two points ahead of Leipsic and other players who are tied with him.

Hunt is a defenceman.  It is rare that defencemen lead any league in scoring.  He is 28 years old, which puts him on the old side of being an NHL prospect.  He spent parts of three NHL seasons playing for the Edmonton Oilers scoring three points in 21 games but has largely been a minor pro player.  Last year, he put up 41 points in 57 games with the Bakersfield Condors (Edmonton Oiler affiliate).  He has never scored at point per game rate in his four complete AHL seasons with a 51 point career best.  He never scored at point per game rate in his four college seasons at Bemidji State University or in his two seasons of tier two junior with the Burnaby Express of the BCJHL.  It is unlikely that he suddenly became a top scorer at age 28 when he has never been one at any significant level in his life.

Hunt is signed with St Louis largely to give them veteran experience with their minor league affiliate, the Chicago Wolves.  It was not expected that he would play in the NHL this season.  However it was also not expected that he would lead the AHL in scoring.  Thus an NHL call up is a possibility.  With or without an NHL call up, Brad Hunt leading the AHL in scoring all season is unlikely he has no track record as a top scorer.

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Worst Corsi Player

We are past the quarter pole in the season and it is interesting to look at the best and worst players at this point by some measures.  One interesting measure of players is Corsi or attempted shots while a given player is on the ice in 5 on 5 situations.  The worst Corsi so far this season is a -128 that belongs to Alex Goligoski of the Arizona Coyotes.  Arizona is the worst team by team Corsi at -201.  Since Corsi is a tam dependent statistic it isn't surprising that the worst player is on the worst team. 

Goligoski is second in ice time on the Coyotes.  The only player with more ice time is Oliver Ekman-Larsson.  While Ekman-Larsson has the ability to drive puck possession in the other direction despite weak teammates, Goligoski doesn't.

Goligoski is not the weakest puck possession player in the league.  On a strong team he would post okay puck possession numbers.  In this case his worst Corsi shows the tough situation that he plays in.  Goligoski isn't a good enough player to succeed with a lot of ice time on a team as weak as Arizona.  Few players are.  If Arizona had a few such players they wouldn't be as weak a team.  His Corsi numbers show that Arizona is failing and Alex Goligoski is not a good enough player to turn the tide.

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Erik Karlsson’s Defence

Erik Karlsson is the best offensive defenceman of the current generation.  Nobody would make a serious argument that he is the best defensive defenceman of the current generation.  Therefore his defence is a weakness.  That is the simple-minded way some people judge him. 

Erik Karlsson is a good defensive defenceman and that aspect of his game is continuously improving.  He will never be the best defensive defenceman in the league.  However I would argue that he is the best defensive defenceman on his team.  Because his talents are better served playing an offensive role but when the chips are down he is the defenceman the Senators turn to in an important defensive situation.  Ottawa isn't the only team in the league where Karlsson would be the best defensive defenceman.

People are noticing that Karlsson leads the NHL in blocked shots so far this season.  That is evidence of defensive play.  It is also evidence that Ottawa often plays without the puck as it is impossible to block a shot when your team has the puck.  Karlsson is seen by many as a newfound success in shot blocking.

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A Rising Scorer

One player who is clearly rising as an offensive player is Brandon Saad of the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Last season he had a career best 31 goals and 53 points and this season he is on pace to beat that easily.  He has 17 points in his 21 games to date.  What makes this number more impressive is the fact that he has scored all of those points at even strength.  When he gets power play time, he plays on the second unit in Columbus. 

Saad is the even strength scoring leader in Columbus.  Only four players in the league have more even strength points so far this season.  They are Connor McDavid, Nikita Kucherov, Mark Schiefele and Schiefele's linemate Nikolaj Ehlers.  That is a lofty group for Saad to be behind. 

It is only a matter of time before Columbus begins to give Saad more power play time and when that happens look for his point total to take off.  Brandon Saad is clearly a scorer on the rise.

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Arizona’s Chychrun Mistake

The Arizona Coyotes are supposed to be a team that is run by analytics guru John Chayka.  He is their 27 year old GM who was hired last summer despite having no experience running a hockey team at any level.  Despite that they have made a mistake that analytics would have easily predicted with analytics.

When you have a junior aged player in most cases it is best to leave him in junior.  Putting him in the NHLonly tolls his contract.  His entry year contract starts at an earlier age than necessary and he progresses toward unrestricted free agency at a younger age.  A team that wins the Stanley Cup must have player who overachieve their contract value in a salary capped world.  The most predictable class of players who overachieve their contract value is players on entry level contracts.  This is more likely to occur if a player is older than younger. 

There are two groups of players who should be treated as counter-examples to that statement.  One is players who are clearly NHL ready such as Auston Matthews or Patrik Laine this year.  Keeping them in the minors would hold them back and be counter-productive.  The other is players on a Stanley Cup contending team that would benefit from that player in a Stanley Cup run.  The 16th overall pick in the draft on the last place team in the West Conference is in neither of those groups.  Jakob Chychrun is that player.

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Panarin’s Zone Starts

Artemi Panarin of the Chicago Blackhawks has an interesting usage.  He is the player with the largest number of excess offensive zone starts.  These are times he is on the ice for an offensive face off minus the times he is on the ice for a defensive zone faceoff.  As a result of this preferable offensive usage, he is the ninth highest scorer in the NHL with 21 points.

This is an admission that Panarin has significant offensive value but limited defensive value.  This ability can be maximized by playing him in offensive situations and not when it is a defensive situation.  This usage has probably been worth a few points this season on Panarin's totals.  This shows that while Panarin may be a top ten scorer in the NHL he has a ways to go to be a top ten player.

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Florida Fires Coach Gerard Gallant

Yesterday the Florida Panthers fired their head coach Gerard Gallant.  He was in his third year as Florida's coach.  Last year he was a nominee for the Jack Adams Trophy as coach of the year and only 22 games later he finds himself fired.  It's not as if the Panthers had done poorly this year.  Despite injuries they had a record of 12-12 with one regulation tie point.  There is a reasonable expectation that had they stayed the course they might be a playoff team.  After all, they are currently only 2 points behind the last playoff spot in the East Conference.

Florida is quickly becoming a poorly run franchise.  Vinny Viola the Florida Panthers owner has interfered in the running of the franchise.  Florida had a strong season last year winning the Atlantic Division.  Nevertheless the GM who built the team - Dale Tallon was pushed upstairs so that Viola's favored GM Tom Rowe could be brought in as GM.  Rowe has a questionable record for a GM, he is a longtime coach and assistant coach at levels below the NHL.  I assumed he would be Dale Tallon's puppet as Tallon phased into retirement.  It is clear now that he is management's puppet.  Tallon is a fall guy as Viola brings in people he can control. 

Rowe is going to serve as coach and general manager for the rest of the season.  He has been given enough rope that he can hang himself in the rest of the season.  Whether or not that matters to ownership is the question.

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