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Destiny and destination

This phrase “control their destiny” has been flying around a lot lately, not only about the Sharks.  People like to add “own,” as in “their own destiny.” I suppose whose destiny it is can’t be emphasized enough. 

As the last ditch scramble for the playoffs rises to a fever pitch, a few NHL teams are still in make or break mode.  As a fan, I am nearly catatonic, it is so stressful.  Before I crawl back under my desk to chew on my sleeve, I wanted to say something about the word “destiny” and this idea of controlling your own or anyone else’s.  Several writers have started questioning the use of the word:

Stephen Whyno ‏ @SWhyno: “Grammar qualm: #Caps control their own fate to make playoffs. Not destiny. You can’t control destiny. Thank you.”

Finding a substitute is no small task.  The problem is not only grammatical, it is philosophical.  Don’t get your hopes up, I will not solve the second problem here but I might throw some light on the grammar part.

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Yesterday I explained why I expected the Sharks to lose in Dallas, including a preposterous theory that every season they will lose six in a row with the last loss being to the Oilers.  And still the Sharks lost.  What happened to me being usually wrong?

How am I supposed to do this if they change the rules and don’t tell me?  It isn’t that I imagine I cause an outcome by speaking of it.  I don’t take jinxes that seriously.  No, I’ve just always felt like a terrible meteorologist, believing fair weather is coming when really there a big dumping rain storm on the way and vice versa.

I wasn’t heartbroken about last night’s game.  My Twitter feed felt differently:

Jon D. Allred ‏ @Jon_Allred: “#SJSharks had several chances to win this game. But when they can’t hold a lead or score on a 4-on-3 pp in OT, they didn’t deserve a win.”

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Que Sera, Sera

The Sharks aren’t using the word “fragile” anymore.  They aren’t talking about the sanctity of three.  I think those are good things.  Now I hear the phrase “in a rut” which feels like a gross understatement but maybe I should think of it as hopeful.  Getting out of a rut is easier than hoping someone finds you before you suffocate face down in a ditch next to a muddy back road.

Jeremy Roenick thinks Sharks fans should be in a panic.  Way ahead of you, buddy, already singing “Que Sera, Sera” because hey, this is just a game, I’m not on the team, I can’t be getting my head all screwed up over it.

Which is another way of saying I am so far down in the doldrums that I can’t even be bothered to look for the light.  Some fans are still cussing and kicking.  That’s nice.

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