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Meet Dany (Through The Eyes Of A Sens Fan)

In the aftermath of the ginormous Senators/Sharks trade, Andrew the SENSHobo and I asked each other what we thought of our now ex-players. I spoke rather glowingly of Jonathan Cheechoo and cautiously optimistic of Milan Michalek. What does a Senators fan think of Dany Heatley? Well, there’s a lot less vitriol than you’d think. Unfortunately for Sharks fans, the whole notion that Heatley doesn’t backcheck or hustle…well…this only adds more weight to that idea. And it’s probably the main reason why I’m not totally sold on this deal yet.

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Likely Sharks Lines

As an addendum to news about the Dany Heatley for Milan Michalek/Jonathan Cheechoo trade, here are the lines that Todd McLellan was originally using as Sharks training camp was opening:

Setoguchi/Mitchell (sitting out because of tendonitis)/McGinn

With Heatley in the mix, I’m guessing that McLellan will still want Marleau to stabilize/push Pavelski and Clowe into consistency while the top line becomes Heatley/Thornton/Setoguchi. The power play will likely be Heatley/Thornton/Marleau, with the option of throwing Marleau on the point (he’s done that from time to time) and Setoguchi up front.

I’m personally not a fan of what Heatley pulled this summer or his contract, but he had chemistry with Thornton in previous international stints.

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Can’t You Remember?

With each passing day, I think I better understand just why Dany Heatley stayed silent for so long. It’s cause every time he opens his mouth, he appears worse and worse.

Today, he gave us this gem (hat tip to the Illegal Curve guys): “I love playing in Canada. I think there were some Canadian teams on the list that I gave the Senators earlier in the summer.”

Wait. You demanded a trade, you identified the teams you wanted to go to, and now you can’t remember them? You think there were some Canadian teams on the list? Maybe Jim Balsillie’s Make It Seven campaign made it confusing for you?

Ok, Dany, seriously, let’s do the math. There are the 30 teams in the leagues. Six of them are Canadian. You’re on one of them, so you can only go to five other ones. Reports suggest that you had a list of about a half-dozen teams.

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Bizarro Heatley, Bizarro Clouston Kiss and Make Up

Here’s what Dany Heatley’s saying about his situation to the media today:

“When I signed in Ottawa two years ago, I felt it was to be an integral part of the team,” Heatley said. “Over the last two years and more recently over the past year, I feel my role was diminished. This past season, it diminished a lot more.”

But in Bizarro world, things could played out much differently. Come trip with me across space-time thanks to a drop of red matter, and let’s peak in on a very respectful conversation between Bizarro Heatley, Bizarro Cory Clouston, and Bizarro Bryan Murray.

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“He would just like this to all go away.”

One thing hockey fans appreciate more than anything else is the down-to-earth hard working mentality of most hockey players. Sure, they’re millionaires but they work their tail off on the ice, are respectful off the ice, and appreciate the special chance they’ve earned. They live in a different world than us but most of the time, they’ve come from our world, and they respect that.

Hard work, honesty, and accountability. It’s all we ask for as fans and it’s traits like that that have made someone like Mike Ricci probably the most beloved player in San Jose Sharks history despite having guys who’ve put up way more points and shown much more skill. They work hard, they remain humble, and they keep things in context.

Now I understand that players can demand to be traded. It happens, and sometimes it’s best for both parties to move on. Just like I have the freedom to quit a job or not renew a client, players have the freedom to ask to be traded—but it comes with a price. In this economy, no one’s going to quit a job—just like in today’s recession-hit salary cap world, players have to understand that when they ask to be traded, their options will be limited.

There’s a process and there are logistics to trade requests. Respect the two, and things will be work themselves out. Lash out against it and expect a backlash, from the media, the fans, and from other teams. Which brings us to the case of one Dany Heatley.

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On Apologies & Bar Tales

As Bill Guerin found out earlier today, the power of the inter-webs is, well, powerful. And a little tale about an old co-worker who supposedly knew Dany Heatley in college went way farther than I thought it would (or should).

But that’s my fault for being naive (and a testament to the wide reach of KK). While I felt I’d properly framed the post as “I think of something goofy when I hear his name and this is why,” I could understand why it would offend some people. As our old friend The Forechecker put it, stories retelling stories are probably best left for joking about over a pint at the pub. Of course, KK isn’t a random bar that I used to work at, so this sort of thing probably doesn’t belong here. My fault for a lapse in judgment.

So it wasn’t meant to be malicious or hurtful but I’m sorry if you took it the wrong way. I’ll be deleting the post from the archives to protect future generations from stumbling upon it and thinking that tall tales are necessarily fact.

It’s important to note that no one’s asking me to do this or forcing me to do this, it’s just what seemed to be the more reasonable thing to do at this time.

Feel free to call me an idiot in the comments. Turnabout, after all, is fair play.

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10 Years Ago: THN’s Top 50, #10

In the ten days before opening night (I’m not counting the Premier games in Europe, though I suppose those are technically opening night), I’ll be flashing back to a more innocent time thanks to my old stack of The Hockey News yearbooks. THN’s top 50 is always a matter of great debate, but it’s fun to see how things have changed. Ten years, after all, is a long time, and the ravages of time have knocked most of these players out of THN’s top 10. A few, however, continue to perform at a freak-of-nature peak level.

Today’s guy doesn’t, though. Ten years ago, the 1998-99 yearbook pegged Keith Tkachuk at #10.

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