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Steven Patrick Morrissey vs. Patrick Marleau

(Hey, that’s two posts in a row that use something vs. something. Totally unintentional.)

If, while pondering the great mysteries of life, you’ve ever wondered how a Smiths song could possibly sum up an upcoming San Jose Sharks season, have faith in the universe—I’ve finally answered that burning question. Check out the 2009-10 San Jose Sharks preview over at Puck Daddy.

And now, musical awesomeness after the jump…

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Meet Dany (Through The Eyes Of A Sens Fan)

In the aftermath of the ginormous Senators/Sharks trade, Andrew the SENSHobo and I asked each other what we thought of our now ex-players. I spoke rather glowingly of Jonathan Cheechoo and cautiously optimistic of Milan Michalek. What does a Senators fan think of Dany Heatley? Well, there’s a lot less vitriol than you’d think. Unfortunately for Sharks fans, the whole notion that Heatley doesn’t backcheck or hustle…well…this only adds more weight to that idea. And it’s probably the main reason why I’m not totally sold on this deal yet.

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2004 Bruised Ribs vs. 2009 Sprained MCL

Injury news is starting to trickle out of the Sharks locker room, and while no one should use injuries as an excuse for the loss, everyone had basically known that captain Patrick Marleau was skating with some sort of knee injury through the last few weeks of the season. Now the truth is revealed: a sprained MCL, something that could take 4-8 weeks of staying off the knee depending on the severity of the injury. It does explain how Marleau, who was on a better than a point-per-game pace for about 3/4 of the season, dropped off at the tail end of the year.

In 2004, Joe Thornton played in Boston’s first-round series with bruised ribs and was basically run out of town for being ineffective. Will the Bay Area media give Marleau a little more leeway knowing that he had this injury or will this be the end of the line for the long-time Shark? He did score the game winners in both wins against Anaheim, and other than one bad series against Detroit a few years back, has generally been the Sharks’ most effective playoff performer since 2004.

Tangential to this, Milan Michalek and Joe Pavelski are now representing their countries at the World Championships. The Sharks’ secondary scoring failed to come through after a great regular season but these guys are obviously healthy enough to play in international competition. Knowing this, solely targeting Marleau for the team’s loss seems a bit overreactive.

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They Grow Playoff Beards Too

Who’s growing a playoff beard? If you watch the local San Jose Sharks broadcasts, you’ll notice a certain play-by-play guy is going to be getting scruffy soon—hopefully, for about two months. From Randy Hahn on the Seagate Broadcaster Blog:

Sean says to grow it once the Sharks have clinched the President’s Trophy. Karla thinks right after Saturdays game against the Kings. Ron says to not grow one at all, “I know it’s tradition, but it hasn’t helped us yet. Maybe this is the year not to” (?) My favourite suggestion comes from Alex who says, “When the first battle starts. You don’t put on the Tux till the wedding day. Your commitment starts on that day, not earlier.” And there are many more.

I’m going to take a day or two to think this over and take more suggestions from my Facebook buddies. Of this I am certain. No matter how early I start growing the playoff beard it’ll never come close to matching Joe Thornton’s. He’ll need a lawnmower to cut his beard off it they win it all.

I’ve had Center Ice a while and I can’t recall any other broadcasters doing this. However, since the Sharks guys (Hahn and his BFF Drew Remenda) tend to bring the wacky during broadcasts (is there another NHL TV crew that acknowledges a fan drinking game? I don’t think so), no one should be surprised.

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For Your Consideration: Todd McLellan

It’s a generally accepted philosophy that the winner of the Jack Adams award can’t go to someone coaching a team that was supposed to be good. You wind up with people saying that a monkey could pull line combinations out of a hat and they’d still win with that lineup.

With that in mind, you’ll find that Jack Adams talk swirls around people that have taken young teams to the next level, like Pete DeBoer, Ken Hitchcock, Andy Murray, or Barry Trotz. As for someone like Todd McLellan, the Sharks were supposed to be good anyways, right?

Well, sure, on paper. But when you play more than half the season with about half of your starting regulars injured, maybe you should get some consideration for coach of the year.

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One Clarification From Saturday Night

There still seems to be some chatter in Sharks and Red Wings circles about Saturday night’s game. While some of it is falling into the always entertaining category of “You’re dumb” vs. “You’re stupid”, there’s also the debate about whether or not Patrick Marleau was on side for the game-winning goal.

This was sent to me earlier today. Not sure who did the original screencap, so hat tip to whoever did this. This screencap clearly shows Marleau onside (and how bad standard-def TV can look when blown up).

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Statement Or Just Another Game?

Did the San Jose Sharks’ victory over the Detroit Red Wings on Saturday night mean anything?

As a gameday primer for Battle of California, I wrote that so-called statement games were really only as important as the next big game. That is, any time adversity came into play, the next game really was The Most Important Game Of The Season.

Saturday held some particular significance, though. Red Wing pundits will point to the fact that the Sharks were at home and Detroit was tired from four games in six nights. Ok, point taken. But the Sharks were missing two of their regular defensemen (Rob Blake, Brad Lukowich) and two of their regular forwards (Torrey Mitchell who’s been out all season, Jeremy Roenick).

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Humble Pie

If you were a child of the 80’s (or if you just have a strange fascination with cartoons from that period), you might recall an episode of GI Joe where Gung Ho, the rugged marine with a porn-star mustache, was being upstaged by a former protege of his. The tension built up to the inevitable fist fight between the two, where Gung Ho’s adversary touting how he was younger, faster, and stronger with each punch. Gung Ho, however, got the upper hand, throwing the cocky whippersnapper down and giving him a good dose of humble pie.

“You forgot one thing,” Gung Ho said. “I’m better.”

That little life lesson (and knowing is half the battle) reminded me of last night’s Detroit-San Jose game. It’s funny how one complete smackdown can make a Sharks fan forget the record-setting start (is it really a start 30 games in?) to the season. Still, the 6-0 drubbing at the hands of the Red Wings showed that the Sharks aren’t invincible, that their system can’t come back and dominate everything, and that they can get run out of town just as easily as they’ve run over some opponents.

Still, this isn’t exactly a bad thing.

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The Evoluion of BlackArmor (TM)

Big news in Sharkland yesterday. No, not the crazy 7-6 shootout win against Philadelphia that featured countless turnovers and no defense from both teams. Nope, the even bigger news was the announcement of the Sharks 3rd jersey. And guess what, folks? They’ve given it a corporate sponsorship and a ridiculous name: BlackArmor (TM).

(I’m guessing it’s black. And that’s what the leaks out of Icethetics say too.)

So, what is BlackArmor (TM)? Is it a revolution in materials, kinda like how the whole RBK jersey was supposed to make sweat fly off a jersey rather than soak in? Maybe it’s voice commanded, like the way the Batmobile armor goes up when Batman says, “Shields up,” or when the Bionic Six say, “Bionics ON! (on on on on).

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like BlackArmor is any of these things. It’s just a lame cross-promotion with a hard drive company. How Silicon Valley is that?

On the good side, I’ve come across some leaked documents that have the previous 3rd jersey ideas. Unfortunately, they didn’t have big money involved with them, so you’ll never actually get to see these anywhere but here.

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Hot Starts And Ugly Finishes

“Last year was a little different. We had a bad start and I didn’t play well. This year we’ve had a good start and I’m kind of feeling comfortable and I’m playing better than last year.”

“I don’t think there’s any such thing,” said the coach. “Just play right, and that’s an attitude, a mental thing. Like the Montreal Canadiens in the mid-1970s, when they lost eight games all year. I think they peaked all year. They were the best players, that’s why they won, but if you’re the best players and you do things right, when do you peak? You always play good.”

“Confidence is very underrated. If you’ve got confidence in your ability, and the people you’re playing with, you’re going to succeed.”

Oh, those hot starts. It’s all about good habits and confidence and feeling good about team play. Are those quotes from the 4-0 San Jose Sharks?

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