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Time To Shave Some Ice

10/09/2014 at 11:25am EDT

For those of you that don’t know already, because you hate awesome things or are just waking up from baseball season hibernation but Hockey is back, finally.

WE waited patiently all summer, just getting by with May’s highlight re-runs from the season just passed or ESPN’s occasional trade talk but now after nearly six months of summer, where for most of us after the first month, we were praying for frozen ponds and snow.

Oh, we would get our fix where we could, we would watch the ‘UFC’, but even that was lacking a certain…stick and puck. The only thing that really kept us going was ‘Rugby’, it was a beautiful day when flipping through the channels, between basketball, golf, and tennis, in the nose bleed sections of the channels way up in the 900s we would stumble on a match or the slightly more common 2am ESPN rerun that we could watch men that put their bodies and souls on the line not just every match but every practice, every time they laced up.

So few sports offer us that intense love for the game that these men have. Oh, but HOCKEY, you can smell their blood, sweat, and tears, even through the TV, but you would come alive at the Ice House of your team.

If you watch and follow sports for their planned and choreographed end-zone dances, or athletes that will draw out their decision for months, keeping their family, teammates, cities, and fans in the dark…not once but twice.

Or maybe its sports where one person is above the team, maybe sports where their (athletes) conduct off the field doesn’t matter as long as they can score, or stop the other team from scoring…because then heck, women's soccer is for you. But if you’re a fan of unbelievable skill and grace, when someone scores their reaction is not rehearsed but an intense in the moment experience, or a simple lift of the stick. A tough, rough sport where loyalty and respect are everything, to their teammates, city, fans and family, athletes that are ambassadors off the ice, but hell hounds on it. Thank God for Hockey season, I don’t know about you but the NFL’s new flag football style season just does nothing for me.

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