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The Red Wings and the Playoffs.

04/30/2013 at 6:58pm EDT

I'm an avid KK reader but rarely a writer.

I only really write anything when I'm fired up or angry about the Wings.

I am brutally honest and never sugarcoat anything. I can say that I watch every single Wings game without fail. I'm a stat and cap geek. I've been ganged up on and called names before for voicing my opinion by so called bigger fans on the DRW than I am.

I'm ecstatic the Wings made the playoffs. I'll admit I had serious doubts. They just didn't look like a playoff team in so many games, so many times.

I don't want to write for too long so I thought I would talk about a few players that struck a nerve with me this year. Some good and some bad.

I believe Datsyuk and Zetterberg had bounce back years. Its amazing that Datsyuk was +21. It proves what a player he is and what a coach Mike Babcock is.

It was disturbing Zetterberg went like 30+ games with out an even strength goal but he was one determined Wing all year.

I'm hard on Franzen. Hossa is a bona fide Hall of Famer who wanted to stay here but we let him go and paid the Mule. His up and down play is maddening. He gets injured from time to time but so does Hossa. I'd almost say I'm at a 50/50 split currently when at times I've felt 100% we should have kept Hossa instead.

Jimmy Howard had a dynamite year. Again yet again he played with little to no back-up help. I'm ecstatic he didn't get hurt and wouldn't have been surprised or angry if he did. A lock-out year + a compressed schedule with no back up. He could have easily went down. I believe that if Holland finds a frickin back-up worth a damn that can give Howard some legit rest, we'll be in good shape. 6 years though is a long time but it seems to be the status quo.

I wonder what is Holland's ideal contract for Datsyuk following next year. What I like about Datsyuk is that he's only played 779 career NHL games. Yzerman played close to double that. Datsyuk has low NHL miles so to speak. Joe Sakic had a 100 point season at age 37, Martin St. Louis just won the scoring title. We all know Larionov was damn effective at advanced age.

The defense was strange all year. Was Ian White that bad that he was a healthy scratch all year? I thought Quincey was a huge disappointment. Not worth a 1st rd pick and I think he's in there strictly to justify giving up that pick. The guys a fringe player for the top 4. He gets pp time, he had 1 pp point all year and 3 total points- 1 being on that joke of a Franzen center ice floater. That's unacceptable.

I'm not happy with Brendan Smith either. Look at Jonas Brodin. That's where I expected Smith to be sooner rather than later. He's had more than enough time for grooming. I'd like to see Smith maybe be like a Tim Gleason or Bryan Allen type. Disappointing.

I think the Wings can win this series. There's no Giguere or Pronger. I want the Hawks bad in Rd 2. Nothing would please me more than knocking them off. That's 2nd only to the Cup. Thanks guys.

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