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The Human Factor

02/29/2016 at 10:58pm EST

I don’t want to freak out anyone reading this but I am a human being. I am not a robot (or *bot* for you kids out there). I don’t have strings. I don’t get paid for my opinion although, in my opinion, I should. I am also a human male. Which, in general, means that if I am sitting in any kind of bar drinking any kind of ginger ale, I am watching the TV, commenting on any sport that is showing. For example, I was in Birmingham Michigan yesterday at a bar. I knew that the Red Wings were in Dallas and the Tigers were in Lakeland and the Lions were losing and the Pistons were playing a game soon. So I wasn’t looking around for Justin Verlander or Z. I was watching Golf and College Basketball. I like College Basketball but I have no emotional investment in any team that doesn’t have the word Michigan in it. And Golf? That’s the thing where they hit something and then walk after it right? But I watched it and I got into it. There was one drive where it landed near a bunch of people and this (I’m assuming) drunk girl tried to get the ball and was choke slammed into the green. Which actually means some polite lady asked her to back up a little.

I have a point. It’s that I was watching other humans do sports. Later last night I watched the Kings and Ducks play and wow what a game it was (until the third period but let’s not get bogged down). As a Red Wings fan my only hope was they were tied after 3 went to a 200 round shootout and then dropped out of the league forever. As a hockey fan I was very intrigued by two teams that are playing well and have good talent. Some ugly girl named Corey got a hat trick. The most interesting part of that game is when some asshole named Milan scored a power play goal for the Kings. It was pretty exciting. The Kings were down two and working on making a comeback. They score, they celebrate, they line up for the faceoff but nothing happened. Coaches Challenge. The Kings were, allegedly, offside. NBC showed twenty thousand or so replays of the play as the momentum and exhilaration of the game wore down. I cared less and less, and again as a hockey fan, not as someone who has an emotional connection to the teams. I make the distinction for a reason. The NHL is a business. They want to make money. Well I assume that’s true, hard to tell when we have a lockout every eight years. I subscribe to NHL.TV (which by the way FIX IT I HATE THE “UPGRADE”). I watch a lot of hockey. AGAIN, I do not care about the Ducks and Kings other than if the Red Wings are playing. I was truly enjoying a great game. Until I watched thirty-nine thousand different angles of the same play and seeing nothing different. Was it offside? Maybe. It was really really really close. In my eyes it was inconclusive. But, they called the goal back. I was pissed. Not cause I want the Kings to win but because I wanted to see a close hockey game.

I get that they want to get the right call. I heard Babcock say that about a million times over ten years. “Just get it right”. No, lets TRY and get it right. The best part about sports, the reason why I will watch Golf at a bar or get into a game with a couple of College Basketball teams I couldn’t care less about is that we are watching other humans do something that most of us can’t do. I am not saying get rid of the Refs or Umpires or Judges or whatever they have in Golf. I am saying let them do their jobs. As Humans! I don’t want my team to lose because of a missed call but, and I truly mean this, I want the human factor. I want controversy. I want to get mad because they messed up (see Thomas Holmstrom). Let the players play and let the people in charge of making sure they play fair do their job. Watching those refs at the Kings and Ducks watching that tiny tablet (which stopped working at one point by the way) just ruined the whole experience of that game for me. A game I paid to watch only because I love the sport. The human factor is important. Good or bad. The only thing worse than a referee messing up a winning goal in overtime of game seven in the finals is watching them look at a tiny TV screen trying to interpret something they already saw. So get it (as) right as you can!

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