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Take Your Puck and Stay Home

04/14/2015 at 9:58am EDT

Canadian teams only! Go ahead use only Canadians, no dual citizenship. No First Nation Peoples,cmon Don Cherry don't be conflicted. Use only 100% pucks made from 100% home grown Canadian materials and that goes for sticks, ice making equipment and the tires on the Zamboni too.

Yep, sorry you can't. Mr. Zamboni is all American and has the patent too.

However, what this rant is really about is the Tampa Bay Lightning and their attempt to control people.

Sorry but please keep reading it does have some hockey content.

Buy a playoff ticket, using your FL drivers license and your money. Don't bother with the club tickets, like the Olympia Club, they are not allowing you to dress as you wish. NO RED WING apperal will be allowed in that area, no red shirts, no red shoes, no service. Being from Detroit, think Evergreen and Tireman Avenue, I quickly pull out my #19 NHL All Star jersey. Now what, eh?

I am a city boy and its not going to be that easy on them. Don't care what their record is and they have as many Calder Cup games as our kids do.

Cut to the solution. Nothing hurts more than not having a financial base. We know that all too well. The Lightning have no problem uping the ticket prices when the glorious Red Wings are in town. So lets figure this out, its the playoffs so be serious, we are watching and attending the games.

What the dream is that the Red Wings flex their muscle. Just for one day next season, schedule allowing, let us have a Red Wing Day at the Amalie Arena. All proceeds go to charity, Mr Vinik you are on the clock, just an off day practice but with lots of Red Wing fan interaction.

Put the sport first, afterall there were just 6 teams at one time. Maybe even an alumni/fan scrimmage or skate around game, yes I know its tough to get players so close to the beach mid winter but hey a guy can dream.

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