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Random Offseason Musings on a Calm Summer Night, August 3rd.

08/03/2009 at 11:43pm EDT

Man what a time to have a crippling, monster cold. It’s the middle of summer, the weather’s beautiful, the beer is cold, and there are all sorts of reasons to be outside having the time of your life and not thinking about hockey. For those of us without that luxury, the offseason makes for a very…. very, slow day at the house.

So here’s my attempt at injecting a little life into the blogosphere for those of us who are just bored enough to have the time to be checking these sorts of things:

- I’m appalled at the hooplah over the whole Spezza wedding thing. Ok, the Elisha Cuthbert thing was funny. This is not. For the last time, when it comes to the private lives of athletes, nobody gives a damn! And if they do, they’re rank amateurs as hockey fans go. These guys spend 3/4 of the year in the spotlight, give them a few days off for chrissakes.

- My big fat guess as to where Heatley will end up next: New Jersey; the only real contender with money to spend. My big fat guess as to when: If he doesn’t show up at the Senators training camp: October. If he does: March 2010. Disclaimer: If he ends up in Anaheim at a discount, god help us all.

- Mats Sundin will retire. So will a lot of other people this year. More will play internationally this year. Forced out by what happens when the salary cap meets a recession meets the insanity of the owners. Welcome to your new league, folks, and the KHL is laughing all the way to the bank.

- That being said, does anyone know any good (legal) internet or televised avenues to watch international games? With the olympics coming up, I’d like to start watching some international play. I’ve heard the IIHF streams a hockey package during the season…

- The Olympics. Who are you going to root for? Last time for me, it was Sweden, obviously. This year? Not so much. “But you’re from the USA, Dave,” Root for the USA? C’mon, please. That’s about as useful as rooting for our soccer team. USA thumbs its nose at international sports and it deserves to get trounced for it. Every time. I’m rooting for Canada this year. I’m rooting for Stevie.

- Next year will be the year of the goalie. Forwards have become so balanced that, mark my words, next year the teams that make the final four will all have their goalie to thank for it. Varlamov, Smith, Hiller, I’m looking at you, kids.

- The Wings now have $2.8-3M to play with. Sykora? Tanguay? Afinogenov? I bet Ken’s called them all. I think who calls back is about the most interesting thing going on during the dog days of hockey right now.

- Does anyone have any prognostications on the upcoming Fantasy Hockey season? Anything. Up and comers? What site is the best to use (I’m a Yahoo fan, I hear CBS is nice, for a price)? Big sleepers this year? Hello? Is this thing on?

That’s all I’ve got for now… as usual, your comments are welcome… return to your normal lives…


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