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Random Offseason Musings from a Hippy on Beer Fumes, August 19th, 2009

08/19/2009 at 11:00am EDT

So I just finished brewing my first batch of beer, and let me tell you, I think it’ll be a good one. A pale ale. Also let me tell you, don’t keep your head above the kettle for most of the boil, I think there are some intoxicating fumes in there. I wanted to keep these offseason musings for next month but after huffing wort for a couple hours they just wouldn’t wait:

- I believe one of the most under-reported events of this offseason was the retirement of Jeremy Roenik. It’s really too bad JR never won a cup. Say what you will, but I think this guy was a dynamo of personality that this league sorely will miss, and certainly needs more of. Now if only Sean Avery could class up like he did, the league would have a new spokesman. Maybe if he can’t do it Ray Emerycan.

- The other unsung quiet retirement of the year, I can’t freaking believe nobody’s covered this: Darren McCarty. Sure, it’s not “announced,” but, c’mon, am I the only one who’s really sad about Mac sliding darkly into that quiet night? We love you, Mac. TheWingsneedanotherDarrenMcCarty, but they’ll never have one again.

- Speaking of fighters, I was pouring through one of my favorite sites and came upon this thread: Who are the top 10 fighters of all time? I’m sure you all have your opinions.

- Also speaking of “fighters”: Patrick Kane and his brother deserve some jailtime. I’m sorry, but if any of us regular readers violently assaulted a person, we’d get it. I’m freaking tired of celebrities getting special treatment and he’s no exception. Screw being young, the law shouldn’t descriminate based on age in adulthood. Besides, he’s about to make a bunch of money off the endeavor based on the new NHL ‘09/Grand Theft Auto bundle pack:

- Ok, the Sabres signed Grier. If you had to choose between Maltby, Williams, Bertuzzi, or him, which would you choose? *cough*

- Lidstrom’s in the last year of his contract. At 39, how many years do you think he’s got left? I’m guessing quite a few. At least 4. He’ll give Cheli a run for his money.

- For Corsi’s Sake, we get it already. I’ll leave it at that.

- Summer, what summer? IIHF Style.

- And finally, the top 10 most bizarre hockey incedents of all time.

I’m beginning to think drinking beer is so old-school, from here on out I’m munching the barley and hops directly, and chasing it with the yeast and boiling water and letting it all ferment in my liver.

- The Hippy

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