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Making the Most of Mistakes

08/16/2010 at 10:48pm EDT

I won’t pretend that I’m too well-versed on the inner-workings of the human brain.

For that matter, I don’t think I even bought the book for freshman year Psychology.

But, without any real research or reading, I think I can say fairly definitively that different parts of the mind control learning from mistakes and finding ways to bury them.

A prime example: Glen Sather.

During his ten-year reign of terror at Penn Plaza, Sather has made one questionable decision after another. On Canada Day each year—Christmas in July for fans of most other franchises —New York Rangers fans find themselves suffering from a solid case of indigestion.

It’s because they have been more or less held hostage by Sather’s insane free-agent signings and know that Jim Dolan has no intention whatsoever of firing him.

Come down off the ledge, though, it’ll be all right, Blueshirt fans.

Glen hasn’t figured out how to actually make good signings. Hope of common sense like that fled into the desert with Don Maloney. But he has learned how to sweep his terrible mistakes under the rug.

That counts for something, right?

Scott Gomez - 7 Years / $51.5 million

In July of 2007, Sather gave Scott Gomez one of the most inexplicably large contracts ever. After Gomez put in two frustrating years in Manhattan and chased away Tom Renney, the most intelligent and capable coach the team has had in years, he was shown the door.

Somehow Slats convinced Bob Gainey to not only take the mess off his hands last June, but to send back quality pieces as well in Chris Higgins and collegiate prospect Ryan McDonagh, who may make his Broadway debut this season.

Ales Kotalik - 3 Years / $9 million

Ales Kotalik seemed like a possible solution for the point shot the Rangers had lacked for so long and at $3 million a year, an affordable one at that. After 22 points in 45 games and a black eye of a plus-minus rating at -18, he was neither a solution nor worth the money. Leave it to Glen to find a party willing to right another wrong. The Flames sent pending UFA Olli Jokinen and Brandon Prust to New York. Sather probably lit up a cigar with a $100 bill to celebrate his new-found cap relief.

Donald Brashear - 3 Years / $1.4 million & Patrick Rissmiller - 3 Years / $3 million

The trade this month that shipped Donald Brashear and Patrick Rissmiller to Atlanta for Todd White was a Two-for-One Sather Special, turning two players likely never taking another stride on Garden ice for a serviceable forward.

So we shouldn’t be worried, at least not about mistakes Glen Sather has already made. Don’t lose any sleep over Derek Boogaard or Michal Rozsival. Slats has it all under control.

His next bit of redemption? I’m looking at you Wade Redden.

If only Glen’s brain was wired to make good decisions rather than just fix bad ones.

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