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Leaf Nation and Charlie Brown

10/22/2010 at 2:59pm EDT

The heart says: This year is different. This year the Leafs will be a top 8 team in the East.

The head says: on paper, the Leafs are the worst team in the Northeast, and that means another year out of the playoffs.

We fall in love with the Leafs too easily. Already there is clamor around the city about the playoffs. Talk radio is flooded with how fast, how much more defensively responsible this team is. People are posting the current NHL standings on Facebook Profile pictures, calling for Kessel to win the Rocket Richard, calling for Giggy to win the Vezina.

Leaf Nation is the Charlie Brown of the NHL. We keep believing Lucy won’t take the playoffs away. But she will. And we will fall flat on our faces once again.

Despite the 4-1-1 start, there is almost a form of gene memory embedded into today’s Leaf fan. In the back of our minds, we almost know that this is the calm before the storm; we can almost feel an extended losing streak coming that plummets us down the standings.

Move along folks. We’ve all seen this movie before. Nothing new to see.

But these Leafs have depth. These Leafs have speed. These Leafs have skill. And these Leafs have goaltending.

Even if they looked terrible last night against the Rangers, you can almost feel a win coming this Saturday against the Flyers.

But again, I’m speaking like a fan again. Fandom causes blindness. So maybe I am wrong. I don’t care.

Our defense core is better than almost any team’s in the NHL (Detroit, Philly, Vancouver excluded). Our forwards may not be as skilled but they can out-hustle anyone. And with Giggy in net, anything is possible in the playoffs (I don’t care what anyone says, Giggy should be the undisputed #1 in Toronto).

And these Leafs will be a 5-8 team in the East. And if they make the playoffs, any team that faces them should say their prayers. Why?

Kessel for the Rocket/Hart.
Giguere for the Vezina.
Phaneuf for the Norris.
Giguere for the Conn Smythe.
Toronto Maple Leafs for the Stanley Cup.

Yes. I’m as blind as the rest. Go Leafs Go.

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